Does Boris hate SE1?

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Thursday 4 December 2008 9.34am
Dear fellow SE1 residents,

I was looking at recent press articles and I was beginning to wonder if our Mayor Boris Johnson absolutely hates SE1?

ThamesLink 2000 is going ahead which means that some historic buildings around Borough Market will be pulled down and replaced by new metal monstrosities.

The tram gets cancelled despite being much needed by the south bank and instead we get vague promises that there will be alternate and yet unknown means of public transportation… Probably some old smelly buses I suppose.

And finally, the plans to remove the E&C roundabouts get cancelled as well. Those roundabouts are not only dangerous for cyclists but they seem to have been taken straight out of Clockwork Orange.

I have the distinct impression that Mayor Boris has taken detrimental decisions for SE1 every occasion he had. Am I the only one to believe that Boris absolutely hate SE1and if it is the case I would like also to know why?

Best regards
Thursday 4 December 2008 9.44am
You can't really blame Boris for Thameslink - it's a central government project and nothing to do with him.

Crossrail is a different project and doesn't come anywhere near SE1.

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Thursday 4 December 2008 9.46am
CrossRail hads nothing to do with Borough is Thameslink 2000 which is causing this and has been planned, as the name suggests, for ever....nothing to do with Boris at all.

The tram, certainly South of the river, would be great but if there's no money it isn't affordable. Even now there is going to be a problem upgrading the Tube network (last week's stories about Boris asking the Government for more money). Ken had grandiose and completley uncosted plans which are now just being brought down to earth by reality, not just Boris.

As for the subway/roundabout issues TfL are at the centre of this and TfL are certainly not top of Boris's Christmas card list from what I gather.

So I really don't think you can use any of these things to decide on whether Boris hates SE1 or not. He may well do or he may not, or he may be completely neutral, who know's, but this is just trying to put 2 and 2 together and getting nowhere near the right answer.
Thursday 4 December 2008 11.13am
>>the tram gets cancelled.

Not true. The tram was never going to happen anyway; it was a completely empty promise by Livingstone; uncosted, unfunded - and unpopular north of the river to boot.

The only part of the tram that was costed was the feasibility study and the pro-Livingstone propaganda.
Thursday 4 December 2008 12.48pm
For many years, Crossrail wasn't funded, either. I remember test drillings for it in 1990. Eventually, after a lot of committed campaigning, funding has been found. Boris has killed or, at least, postponed for many years, the tram.

You can blame Boris, and his hand-puppet Kulveer Ranger, for the further delays in the E&C redevelopment.

I don't know if he hates SE1, but he recognises that we're never going to vote for him en mass and his votes come from the car driving, suburban semi-dwellers of the outer boroughs. His administration will not do anything for inner city regeneration which inconveniences or costs them.

Perhaps we should bring back the LCC and let the outer boroughs return to the Surrey, Kent, Essex and Middlesex.
Thursday 4 December 2008 1.25pm
Interesting thought, Rambling Phil. It was the outer boroughs that swung the vote that got him in, so maybe we should.
Thursday 4 December 2008 1.25pm
I can't really see how you can cancel something or delay it when there was no money to pay for it so it wasn't happening in the first place. To give it a more realistic time frame (which may well be years away) is just being honest.

I think you can blame Southwark Council, their commercial partners, the planning process and TfL for the vast majority of E&C's delays...not Boris. He's only been Mayor for a few months...he's hardly had time to delay anything including the tram...he's just told you the things about the possible project that the previous administration never did.
Thursday 4 December 2008 2.12pm
i cant see how SE1 could have benefited from the tram...who in their right mind would want to go to Croydon??
Thursday 4 December 2008 2.19pm
If you could get to Croydon on the tram from SE1, then you could change to get on the train and go to.... er, London Bridge. Oh.
Thursday 4 December 2008 2.25pm
The Cross River Tram has nothing to do with Croydon.

Editor of the London SE1 website.
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