Does Boris hate SE1?

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Thursday 4 December 2008 2.53pm
Nothing to do with Boris whatsoever with trams and trains (a few years/decades out).

With regard to Elephant, TfL had already delayed the removal of the subways for a year or so before Boris was elected. TfL under Boris are doing more studies to ensure cars, buses, vans and lorries aren't held up too much.

A post so well-written, emotive and almost purposely ignorant of simple facts... I smell party politics!
Thursday 4 December 2008 7.28pm
The Elephant and Castle roundabouts aren't fun but they do work rather well to keep the traffic moving. If you removed them the area would clog up completely.

Other people use the roads apart from cyclists and it is not mandatory to use the roundabouts. I used to get off and push my bike over the pedestrian crossings when I got to a dangerous interchange. Now I get hit while walking on crossings and pavements by cyclists who think they are god.

I don't think removing the subways is a good idea. I use them and it's way faster than hanging around at the top negotiating three traffic lights to get from one side to the other.
Thursday 4 December 2008 9.03pm
The tram was such a joke. Like London needs more street-level traffic.

Now a zip-wire grid...
Friday 5 December 2008 9.17am
If people are serious about increasing transport capacity, why not go for Chicago-style high-level transport? You can just put the supports over the top of existing streets, build little stations into the sides of existing buildings. Trams are ridiculous - I used to live in Sheffield and no one ever used the Supertram there.
Friday 5 December 2008 3.04pm
At least Boris is forcing TFL to consider car and van users as being normal beings not alien commuters. The big problem is that there is not enough capacity on the roads and public transport at peak times any more. The Livingstone/TFL Congestion Charge has merely forced traffic onto the immediate roads outside the area, hence the SE Elephant & North the Euston roads are jammed solid most of the day with avoiding traffic. It has failed as an experiment and should be scrapped and TFL forced to expedite traffic flow not impede it. In conjunction with more buses(I use the bus 95% of the time) on specific over-congested routes(78, 253 etc etc) and bigger and more frequent tube trains(whenever!) and hopefully new SE1 Tube routes maybe we would get somewhere.
Saturday 6 December 2008 8.58am
the subways are a muggers paradise...get rid of em all
Saturday 6 December 2008 9.55am
I assume boroughpaul you mean get rid of the muggers? or the subways. I would prefer we stop the muggers by making the subways a safer place. Do you have any proof the level of crime in the subways is greater than that on the side roads around there? I've used the subways often and it's obviously more scary than it should be but part of that is the irrational fear of being in an empty tunnel and watching too many scary stories. I genuinely would like to know if they are really unsafe?
Saturday 6 December 2008 1.20pm
Some interesting bus-related stuff, and more, here
Sunday 7 December 2008 7.23am
I've said before and I say it again, I think the subways have a lot going for them. The Southern roundabout ones ARE a)spooky b)convoluted and c)disgusting. The Northern roundabout is better. But they DO make getting around the E&C very speedy and (traffic wise for pedestrians) safe. Were they broader, better maintained and policed, and better signed (nightmare scenario of being trapped and never finding your way to the place you want to emerge) I think there's a good case for keeping them. This would be relatively inexpensive and maybe we could MOVE ON with the regeneration. However, the present economic situation means that there will be stalemate for another two years.
Sunday 7 December 2008 8.25am
no hard evidence they just give me the creeps...outside of se1 the ones at aldgate are hideous...smell of goodness knows what and you never know who is behind you. i am not a hobbit!!
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