Bricklayers Arms- hoorarh for TfL

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Monkey Magic
Sunday 3 March 2002 7.32pm
Excellent news. The graffiti-dawbed, wee-stinking muggers' paradise known as the Bricklayers' Arms subways, are to be torn down this summer, and replaced with street level crossings. New cycle lanes etc. are all finally going ahead. Praise be to TfL.

On a separate note, does anyone know why, three months after new street lights were fitted on Tower Bridge Road, the old ones are still there, and the new ones still haven't been turned on?
Monday 4 March 2002 4.39pm
Wow - you are kidding!?

Thats fantastic news - certainly will mean people can get across the road without fear, and will reduce isolation that I certainly feel being on the south side - at the moment its just not worth the potential hassle to wander to the shops across the road at night etc...
Wednesday 6 March 2002 7.24pm
Yep that is brilliant news. I certainly would feel a lot safer if I could have street level crossings, rather than going through the subway late at night, to get a pint of milk! It will be nice to be reconnected to the rest of our community on the Tower Bridge Road side, I reckon the businesses on Tower Bridge Road will get more business because of this.
Saturday 9 March 2002 9.43pm
those subways shoulda been blown up years ago! bring 'em down!!!
Monday 11 March 2002 1.07pm
Hoorah for good sense. Fantastic news and so soon. But is it fantasy? Where did you hear this, 'Monkey Magic' - I have not heard it from any other source?
Tuesday 12 March 2002 12.56pm
yeh - where did you hear this? i looked on the tfl website but to no avail....
monkey magic
Tuesday 12 March 2002 10.41pm
if you don't believe me, give TfL a ring. They are currently waiting on Southwark council to give the tender to someone, because although TfL "own" the site (since 2000), they still have to wait on Southwark council to let the tender for filling the subways in.
Wednesday 13 March 2002 8.57pm
I can confirm that I have received a letter from my local assembly member along similar lines to what "Monkey Magic" has said. The plans were supposed to be approved by Southwark Council by March, and work is apparently due to start in April or May of this year, depending on when the contract is let. If it happens, it certainly will be great news for all of the surrounding local community.
Thursday 14 March 2002 11.57pm
I emailed TfL Street Management to get to the bottom of this - here's their answer:

You will be pleased to know that TfL will be implementing a scheme at the Bricklayers Arms during the current calendar year...however, no firm dates are available yet. This scheme originated primarily to regulate the traffic in a safer more efficient way at this location, but then grew into one to provide more direct, safer crossing points for both pedestrians and cyclists.

All four arms of the Bricklayers Arms Roundabout will be controlled by
signals, including the westbound slip road, three of which (southeast, southwest and northwest) will have pedestrian and cycle facilities, and allow access to the central island of the roundabout, and the facilities constructed within. The northeast arm will have facilities to cross Tower Bridge Road but not to access the central island. All stoplines will have advanced cycle stop lines provided.

TfL do not currently have plans to fill in the subways as such, but some
alterations may be undertaken in carrying out other works, but that's not to say it won't happen at a later date.
Friday 15 March 2002 1.27pm
James, thanks for confirming the best news I've heard in ages!

No more taking my life in my hands to dash across the road, or go well out of my way to use the crossing - I supose the flyover itself will remain...? (We can't expect miracles!)

I reckon we should have a street party in the middle of the roundabout when this has all happened, with whoever's repsonsible at TFL and Southwark council as guests of honour!
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