Carpet Sale V Golf Sale

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Friday 30 January 2004 7.34pm
The 80% off closing down sale at mayfair carpets in Borough High St has been going on for 2 years. Are they trying to compete with the Golf Sale off regents St as Londons longest running sale ?

And what are they building over Borough Tube station ? That scaffolding has been up for years. The channel tunnel was completed in less time.
Friday 30 January 2004 7.37pm
Moved to SE1 Discussion - hope that's OK, phoney.

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Sunday 1 February 2004 3.00pm
There's a clothes shop on the north west end of London Bridge that's been advertising its "final clearance sale" for about ten years.
Monday 2 February 2004 9.50am
There's also the "chandelier" shop next to SoBo (or near it) on TBR that seems to employ this approach.
Monday 2 February 2004 1.21pm
Carpet (oriental) shops always advertise that their wares are 80% off. It's a standard marketing ploy, I think.
Monday 9 October 2006 2.52pm
The 'Closing Down Sale' in 2004 and subsequent ones were only pretend.
9th October 2006 one is the Genuine article --------or is it!
Monday 9 October 2006 3.35pm
Four of five years ago I thought of buying a carpet from there but they were so pushy that I decided to retreat. They pretended they would close down within a couple of weeks. Those sales techniques should be illegal (like in France). I noticed the same thing with the Scottish clothes shops in Oxford/Regent street. Foreover abusing the gullible tourists and passers-by.
Tuesday 10 October 2006 6.49pm
Even at 20% of the 'original price' the wares are not exactly a bargain!
The '80% off' offer, in one guise or another, has beeen going on for as long as I can recall ( probably since the store opened! ).
I dare say Trading Standards would have something to say on the matter were they to receive a complaint. I recall some kind of disclaimer that shops have to use along the lines of, and usually in tiny print: 'prices as advertised at at least one of our outlets in the last 56 days'? Naughty behaviour and possibly illegal?
Wednesday 11 October 2006 11.52am
Phoney, I've got the bit between my teeth now: It appears this 'sales technique' is in fact illegal and very much falls foul of section 20 of part III of the Consumer Protection Act 1987.
I shall pop into Mayfair when next passing and attempt to purchase a rug at 80% off their previously advertised price of the last few years i.e. 80% off the very original price. I make that 96% off in total. A bargain! I will duly report back on the success or otherwise of grabbing a '360' 'hand-woven wool' rug for 14.40....
Wednesday 11 October 2006 12.25pm
If you are successful get 2 and I'll give you double what you paid.
I'm sure they'll say it's only on 'selected' rugs and they have sold out or the marked price already reflects the 80% discount.
The problem with Persian or Iranian rugs is unless you're an expert there's no way Joe Bloogs would know the genuine article.
I'm sure there must be a Tuareg resident somewhere in SE1.!
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