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Wednesday 11 February 2004 1.39pm
Anyone have any ideas how we can help to raise the extra 2.5m needed? I would be willing to help anywhere - if several people get together, just imagine what we could do. It is an integral part of SE1 and has provided so much pleasure over the years. If there are groups out there and individuals who really want to know, let's all get together and DO something. What do you think?

Wednesday 11 February 2004 2.05pm
I was thinking the other day as I came up the escalator of Southwark tube to see a brass band playing, that it's a shame that the concourse there is not used for short bits of street theatre.

Example: I enjoyed Shakespeare at school, but am not sure if I would now. I'd like to go see The Reduced Shakespeare Company, but I don't know if I'd enjoy it - I'd love to see something exciting and energetic happening on that concourse - something that makes people stop for a second.

Secondarily, I see the posters for the Young Vic, and I've visited the website. When I last looked, it told me nothing about the plays, so I was put off. I also see a lot of schoolkids doing daytime visits, so I've always been of the impression it is an educational theatre for school visits - I'm not even sure how I go about checking that out for sure.

To have something happening there and to be made aware of it in an innovative way could provide it with a bit of a boost. The Soho Theatre ( is a great example of how a small theatre can thrive. I think someone needs to organise discussions, comedy nights etc. there, because plays which are too mysterious to make me want to buy tickets doesn't seem to have that broad an appeal...
Wednesday 11 February 2004 2.28pm

What's the story? I (am often behind the times, but) didn't realise they were in trouble.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Wednesday 11 February 2004 2.34pm
There's a 12.5 million redevelopment programme which was launched by Jude Law, which will see the amount of usage space increase almost twofold. They already have so much from the council and from arts grants, but need a little more.

So - not exactly saving as such I don't think. Wish I'd found out the whole story prior to my post above...
Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.01pm
James have you heard about the Young Vic's Two Boroughs scheme -- any resident in Lambeth or Southwark can sign up to book free tickets for a show at the Young Vic, and once you've used this privilege, you get to hear about other special ticket offers. So you could try out a show and if you didn't like it you wouldn't have wasted your money.
I recently got my free tickets for The Skin of Our Teeth in starting at the end of Feb. You even get an ice cream at the interval ;). You can sign up on their website.

I kind of know what you mean about the info on individual shows -- there isn't a massive amount of detail about this particular show but I took a chance on their recent Romeo and Juliet which was fantastic and really innovative (it was described to me as R & J on trapezes so I wasn't too sure!)
Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.02pm
ooops meant to put their url here
Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.05pm

first a caveat - "I think the Young Vic is wonderful and a gem in the already glittering crown of SE1 (hmmm, that metaphor didn't quite work as well as I thought). It is great and i am absolutely delighted that the Arts Council is stumping up load sof cash and I have every confidence that Jude and his mates will be able to bring in the rest. etc etc.."

That said, isn't 12.5 million a shed load of money for restoring a small theatre?
Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.09pm
Rach - unfortunately for me I only work in SE1, so I wouldn't qualify. I live near Grays, Essex, where the pinnacle of the theatre year is Chas n Dave at the local Civic Hall...!!!

I was interested to find out more about Skellig, Stones in their Pockets and The Play without Words (which I believed have all been at the Young Vic), but could find next to nothing on the internet.

I'm sure the plays at the Young Vic are awesome, but they don't get the coverage that the plays at (to repeat an example) Soho Theatre gets. I went to see Hurricane there last week, and because it was Fringe material it was well recognised. Young Vic presents less of that kind of thing, and more understated productions I feel.
Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.10pm
Red Bus,

As I understand it, its not so much a restoration, as a need to pretty much start over. The original breezeblock structure built in the 70s was only ever intended to last for three or four years....

Wednesday 11 February 2004 3.14pm

James - the Young Vic does get plenty of coverage - all of its productions are reviewed in the national press

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