Membership at the Tate. Any good?

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Monday 16 February 2004 6.52pm
A short while ago, I seem to remember a diversion in one of the threads about the members' room in the Tate and how it had gone downhill since they let the little adults in.

I'm not really bothered about the members' room facilities (unless it has a bar as well as selling coffee), but would like to hear people's comments about membership (from anyone who's a member, obviously).

Do you think it's value for money? Do you go more often? Do you find you revisit the same exhibition?

Or is it like the proverbial gym membership that you wave proudly at first and which then hangs around all year to haunt you while you don't ever go back.

Went to the Brancusi exhibition at the weekend and enjoyed it (even though it didn't really engage with his larger pieces, which I'm probably more interested in), and thought of joining. Anyone's comments would be welcome before putting down the dosh.



...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Monday 16 February 2004 10.27pm
Yes I've been to several exhibitions several times. It takes the pressure off feeling you have to do it all in one go. But what is even nicer is going to an exhibition you wouldn't have paid to see and discovering something you didnt know you liked. And it cuts down the queueing. And you get a great rest-room. But having said all that, I lapsed my membership when the price suddenly shot up. Would like to rejoin when I have more money.

Tuesday 17 February 2004 9.19am
What is the cost at the moment then, and how long a membership does it get you?

Have you done the multimedia tour too Ms. Jo? Any good?
Tuesday 17 February 2004 11.23am
I think it's worth it if you really will use the members' bar. For example, it's great for an evening drink with a fabulous view, but only worth going if you can walk there easily on a regular basis.

Also it all depends on the Tate's program of exhibitions. Membership lets you book in advance for blockbusters like Matisse/Picasso, which is very useful if you actually want to avoid being offered a 4am slot (no kidding) as the only way to see the show.

The Tate magazine (which you get as part of the deal) is...well, it's just vanity publishing by the Tate, really (heavy bias towards tate shows rather than art in general). But nice if you want an easily-consumable art magazine for the coffee table.
Tuesday 17 February 2004 11.29am
Thanks a lot to all above. All good useful comments. (more welcome)

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 17 February 2004 12.05pm
I thoroughly agree about going several times to exhibitions, and going to enjoyable shows which you otherwise might not pay for.
I went to the Barnet Newman show four times, and Sigmar Polke three times. I tend to get more than 100 worth out of a membership that costs 40.
The other good thing about membership is that it gets you into the quieter, paid-for sections of the gallery when the rest of the place is heaving with schoolchildren.
Tuesday 17 February 2004 12.37pm


I have been a Tate member for years now and would recommend it.

Tate Britain also has some pretty good exhibitions too which you can go to.

The members room has a bar and is open to 9.30/10ish on Fri and Sat and although it heaves on the weekend during the day (as earlier threads have noted) it is nice and quiet other times - I am thinking about bunking off early and heading over for coffee this afternoon in fact.

You get 10% off in the shops (and Tate Modern does good Xmas pressies)

It is also important to remember that you are supporting a flagship set of galleries and no matter what criticisms may be levelled at their standing collection (which isn't at all the best in the world) I think it is still worth supporting them in and of itself.

Magazine is s**t though - i think they are changing it soon.
Tuesday 17 February 2004 7.58pm
its 45 per year at the moment, or 61 with guest. Other options available - see I have a feeling you might get 5 off for direct debit.

I have not been a member for some time, it seemed to suddenly go up to 40 from 24 so I discontinued. But I very much enjoyed it and used it loads - exhibitions and bar too. Have not done the multimedia tour though - cant help there, sorry. Look forward to rejoining when I'm better off.
Tuesday 17 February 2004 8.20pm
In the summer, Tate Modern's members bar has outdoor loungers on the roof which are rarely used. It's a little get a high quality, low-shade sun deck by the Thames, always empty and with drinks at the ready...perfect....
Wednesday 18 February 2004 9.01am
thanks everyone....that's good enough for me. See you there.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
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