Travellers on Bermondsey Spa

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Wednesday 18 February 2004 6.19pm
Noticed tonight that a load of travellers have set up camp on the proposed health centre site on bermondsey spa.
hope we are not going to have any problems.
hate labelling people but parking my car and motorbike close by worried what i might lose.
be interesting to see how fast the council act
Wednesday 18 February 2004 6.36pm
Has anyone told Southwark - if the site is not in Southwark's ownership, then they will need to get in touch with the site owners (Southwark Primary Care Trust or some new health PPP ???) in order to be able to serve notice to quit. My experience is that unless parks/open spaces are being occupied, the police will only get involved when there is prima facie evidence of criminal activity or a public nuisance.

From memory, notices under common law used to give seven days before bailiffs could be brought in. However "Local authorities must consider [traveller] welfare issues when deciding whether to proceed with eviction whatever the powers being used"
Wednesday 18 February 2004 7.30pm
they get welfare issues considered. where do i buy a caravan think i'll join em LOL.
Thursday 19 February 2004 12.32am
On behalf of those travellers who do not have access to this site, I too hate 'labelling'.
Thursday 19 February 2004 8.53am
hmmmmm shall we repace 'traveller' with 'irish' 'nigerian' or 'jewish' and see if it is then 'labelling' or 'racism'
Thursday 19 February 2004 11.13am
'Pikey' works for me....
Thursday 19 February 2004 1.25pm
Will you be changing your forum name to "pikey dave" then?

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Thursday 19 February 2004 1.46pm
yeah... hee hee.

If Brad Pitt can do it so can I.....
Thursday 19 February 2004 2.34pm
...and Chav is the movement of the moment...
Thursday 19 February 2004 3.05pm

If this is simply a group of caravns en route to a Romany wedding/funeral, then I really don't think there is much to worry about. The prejudices of the english middle classes when faced with non-conformist nomads are truly alarming.

On the other hand, if there is any suggestion from the assembled vehicles that they are involved in the waste disposal/path surfacing business, then Southwark and other local landowners need to ensure that they are not dealing with one of several groups of persistent "enviro-criminals" who have laid waste to large numbers of south London open spaces with fly-tipping for cash.

By getting Southwark onto the case now, council officers can take a view on which seems to be the more likely scenario.
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