Is This A Scam?

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Tuesday 27 October 2009 7.09pm
A nice chap has just come to the door saying that all I had to do for lower gas and electricity prices was sign up with him. He says he is from the distributor, not the supplier. And that he needed our permission before the prices could be lowered.

Is this all kosher? Am I missing something?
Tuesday 27 October 2009 8.06pm
sounds like one of those stupid salesman - they will try any trick, such as saying they need to read the meter or check its functionality. At the risk of sounding controversial these people are best treated in the same way as those delivering religious literature on a Saturday morning and wanting to come in and discuss it with you with a view to accompanying you to the next meeting - avoid at all cost. Tell them to go away or just don't answer!

Seriously though, tell them you'll report them to the energy regulator for misleading sales. Idiots the lot of them!
Wednesday 28 October 2009 9.02am
Exactly Gavin....they are basicly liars trying any scam they can to persuade you to switch suppliers....forget ever hearing the word distributor. On another note though it maybe worth switching energy supplier as some are more competitive than others....try looking on the internet as there are a few comparator websites who can check if you're getting a good deal from your current supplier. may be helpful.
Wednesday 28 October 2009 9.46am
Ofgem (the regulatory body for Gas and Electricity suppliers - although no longer consumers, that's gone to Consumer Direct) has a good, if brief factsheet at[pdf]

The important thing is never to sign anything if you aren't sure - even if they say it's only an inquiry form. If you think you have signed something you didn't mean to then contact your current supplier(s) immediately.

Under the catch-ily titled Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer's Home or Place of Work etc. Regulations 2008 you are entitled to a "cooling-off" period of 7 days for any goods or services costing more than 35 bought at the door.
Wednesday 28 October 2009 9.59am

Some good advice from previous posters here.

I always ask people selling Utility services on the telephone or door-to-door to send me the details of their offer in the post.

That soon quells their ardour and if any information ever did show up (it never has yet !) I could evaluate it in my own good time and not be pressurised.

Mind you, in the current postal black-hole, I would never receive anything, anyhow.
Wednesday 28 October 2009 11.02am
Absolutely. Found a bloke in my 93 year old mother's house about to sign her up to some deal, filling out forms, taking her credit card number, I just said "Give me the form, and please give me your phone number, I'll read it through and call you". Never heard another word of course. Cheeky b*ggers.
Thursday 29 October 2009 9.05pm
Many thanks, people. My suspicions have been confirmed.

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