C10 2nd most complained about bus route in London

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Wednesday 25 November 2009 12.38pm
see news item

Why am i not at all surprised!! and it is in the top 10 of most unreliable serivces as well as is the 188. I wonder now if we may at last get some improvements!!!!

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Wednesday 25 November 2009 1.15pm
Oh dear. I LOVE the C10...if it would come a bit more often it would be better, but..
Wednesday 25 November 2009 1.54pm
Yes, it's a very handy route for me but so often I give up and get two buses to cover the same ground because it just doesn't turn up, or it turns up full, or it turns up full and then terminates early (because that solves the problem, right!)

It would help if it had two doors and more space, for starters, but simply running even to the timetable would be something. All made worthwhile by the announcement last month to a gaggle of standees that "seats are available on the upper deck".
Wednesday 25 November 2009 2.53pm
Ah...I must try that some time..thought it was only in India that people sat on the roof but there you go! Progress comes to those who wait.
Wednesday 25 November 2009 6.13pm
I didn't know you could complain about buses being rubbish, I will start complaining to TFL now!
Thursday 26 November 2009 8.35am

if you go on to the TFL web site there is a section there for complaining about services and specific incidents.
Friday 27 November 2009 1.51pm
I wish more people would complain about the C10 [and many other negative aspects of Life in London] - rather than waiting for others to do so.

TFL would, perhaps, take more notice - instead of paying lip-service and blaming Thames Water/Roadworks for everything.

A bus the size of, say, the 42 [which, I see, is occasionally a double-decker] would make such a difference.

Charm lessons for the drivers wouldn't go amiss, either!!

Have a pleasant weekend, ffffolks :p
Friday 27 November 2009 8.00pm
Can anyone tell me where to see the full list, and hence the worst/best routes? The news item doesn't appear to have a link to the table. I will be putting in my complaint about the 188 drivers (rudeness, unusually slow driving, driver changeover in the middle of the route taking upto 10 mins), and also the most irritating message ever on a bus (number 1) "this bus is being held here temporarily while we regulate the service". grrr.
Friday 27 November 2009 8.18pm
Left hand table shows most complained about routes since the start of the financial year.

Right hand table shows current worst performing bus routes using excess waiting time which is calculated by subtracting actual waiting time from scheduled waiting time.

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Saturday 28 November 2009 7.23am
Oh dear C10....bottom of the class.
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