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Friday 27 November 2009 9.17am
I've left T-Mobile after nine years. They've had enough of my cash, I reasoned. Also, it was the last straw when one (or more) of their employees flogged customer details.
Anyway, i've been trying to join 02, but they have cancelled my order for some mysterious reason and after being sent from pillar to post (four different departments) I am no nearer to knowing why.

I'm minded to take my custom elsewhere. Any recommendations?
Friday 27 November 2009 9.49am
I like Orange....in London the coverage seems pretty good not sure outside. They have some good phones these days and some good tariffs. Customer Service can be a bit haphazard....but usually its been OK in the end. Strangley enough T-Mobile will become part of Orange soon.
Friday 27 November 2009 10.22am
was with vodaphone for years, changed last year to T mob, overall best service i would say.

didnt hear about any probs with staff , waht was the go?
Friday 27 November 2009 10.35am
Vodaphone is good, reception anywhere, had no problems so far.
Friday 27 November 2009 10.37am
Pay as you go or pay monthly?

Tesco Mobile are very good in my experience.
Friday 27 November 2009 10.46am
I would avoid o2 Harry. Their network in London is over-subscribed especially with 3G; they quite happily tell you this when you phone up to complain but can't do anything about it. Vodafone and Orange get my vote.
Friday 27 November 2009 10.57am
Half of my immediate family are Orange, the other Vodafone. The latter has far the best coverage, but I've had one or two run-ins with them over the years. One of my daughters signed up 'on line' to O2 a few years ago and when the phone arrived it was faulty. Our nearest 02 shop was totally disinterested and unhelpful, more or less saying, 'You bought it on=line, that's your hard luck!' She sent the phone back and cancelled her contract. I've been with Orange for ten years and overall very happy. I've got an amazing deal for my 'loyalty' as they put it. 600 minutes and 500 texts for 20 a month.
With the phone companies fighting each other for business, don't be afriad to pitch one off against the other. Go to one and tell them what you've been offered elsewhere and so on. That's how I got my current deal, they didn't want to lose me.
Good luck!
Friday 27 November 2009 11.46am
I have been with orange for 16yrs. Generally have been very happy with them except last time i signed up for 2 yrs and now can not upgrade to and iphone for another year. Very good covereage in London and not bad outside either where i have used it at least. Have used both t mobile and vodaphone for the teen jacs and had problems with both.
Friday 27 November 2009 12.37pm
Many thanks, people. I love this site.
Friday 27 November 2009 1.25pm
If you're getting a 3G phone then don't bother with O2. They've got terrible national coverage, but surprisingly also in parts of London, particularly SE1.

This site is quite amusing - the guy's going all out with the media campaign:


(And it mentions Tesco Mobile are going to be using O2's virtual network...)
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