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Monday 25 January 2010 2.03pm
Hi Forum,

I just wanted to pick your collective brains if I may. Does anyone have any thoughts on Pet Insurance? My Dog goes to Andrew Kirby and they rec - Petplan but it seems very steep.

Does anyone insure their pet with Directline or any of the others and how have they found the service? My dog is only just a year or so - so I need to get the lifetime cover ... but would love to know others experiences.

Monday 25 January 2010 2.16pm
I joined animal friends, but they had a kerfuffle with their underwriters and it got nasty. also, when I tried to claim twice, it got silly. so don't use them!

I'm going to petplan and also signing up to the same vet again with my new cat. Can't fault them.

If you want petplan, go through 'quidco' to get a little money back :-) and I think there is a 10% off code somewhere as well. I got my info from the money saving expert forum. am choosing this one as they do a proper for life cover if you continue at renewals. The price of vets these days, it's probably worth it.
Monday 25 January 2010 2.36pm
Good idea to go through Quidco - I try and make all my purchase via their cashback site (no connection and I know there are others in the market too).

On pet insurance, a friend insures her dog through Tesco - seems good value, although no claim to try it out yet:

Monday 25 January 2010 2.48pm
Sainsbury pet insurance have been great with my daughters eng.springer spaniel who is now almost 6. started out 13 pounds a month now is 27 pounds a month, she has had surgery worth 3 her first season she had pyrometra, so have to have hysterectomy...then a year or back started limping had to have a new hip! but no hassle at all, even though the premiums are now steep.
Monday 25 January 2010 4.13pm
I've got my cat insured through M&S. I pay 13pm for their maximum coverage package.

I looked through a load of different insurers and whilst they weren't the cheapest but they appeared to be the best value-wise. They also have a phone line for vet advice included in the cost.

I've not had to make a claim yet so I've got no experience of that side of it yet.

No ties etc.
Monday 25 January 2010 7.24pm
It's important to get an insurance that 'resets' every year, I think M&S do this.

I'm with Direct Line, and they are great at paying out. However I have a lifetime maximum of 6k per condition, which sounds a lot, but my dog has a really rare skin cancer that involves going to see a specialist regularly, and the bills are adding up.

I'm extremely relieved that she is coping much better than the stuff I read on the internet, which said dog's generally die within 12 weeks of diagnosis of the condition (there's very little on the internet about it, and Andrew Kirby describes it as 'that weird cancer she has'!). However, I can see the cover running out and then I'll be putting it on my credit card.

When I took out insurance I didn't realise the difference between cover for one condition and one that resets every year, and once you pick an insurer you stay with them for life as other insurers won't cover for any existing conditions, so it's worth taking care on it.

I say Quidco as well, I've made a couple of hundred pounds over the last year, it's really great!
Tuesday 26 January 2010 12.24pm
We've used Petplan for many years now for two cats. They have paid out an enormous amount of money for one of the cats without any problems at all. They have lifetime cover and no maximum for any condition (if you pick the premium policy they offer). The premiums are now very high though (as the cats have aged they increase along with the excess) but we still make back a good amount considering the large amounts of money we have had to claim.
Tuesday 26 January 2010 3.03pm
Hmm. The premiums of 25 per month for a 1 year old dog seems a bit steep as that is more than my own health plan! I have hear some good things about direct line but I will have to look into things if it resets every year.
Tuesday 26 January 2010 3.35pm
Off topic bit of interest. 15 days jail for eating a cat or dog. Can't be much meat on a cat.

From Times Online January 26, 2010
Cats and dogs to be taken off menu in China
Jane Macartney in Beijing

Anyone caught eating them would face a fine of as much as 5,000 yuan (450) and up to 15 days in jail if the law is passed.
Monday 1 February 2010 11.25pm
I use petplan and would highly recommend them. Their premiums are high but they are worth it - I read the small print on a lot of policies before taking it out and there is a reason why a lot of the other policies (esp Tesco etc.) are so cheap! Petplan have been fabulous in paying out for treatment for my aged rotti's arthritis.

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