Core Strategy, the future of Southwark

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Sunday 21 February 2010 2.14pm
Hello - don't know if any or many of you have had the chance/time/mental energy to read the Core Strategy which will affect all our lives for the next 20 years but any feedback/input would be really helpful - deadline for comments has been extended to 5th March although a number of local groups, let alone residents, were not aware of it in the first place.

I've written a short introductory article about some of the problems (Cor!Strategy, the Sequel - as well as two articles within the Cor! Strategy section of the site which you are more than welcome to comment on.

Have you been in any way involved in preparing the document?
Have you been aware of it at all?
Have you made any comments/suggestions to the document that you'd be happy to share?
Any other thoughts/suggestions?

Sunday 21 February 2010 8.38pm
Never heard of it. Would help if you linked to the actual "Core strategy" thing instead of your website.
Sunday 21 February 2010 9.57pm
good point, davies, yes, here's the link to the council's page about it
Sunday 21 February 2010 11.10pm
The complicated nature of this document will put off a lot of people whose opinions really should be canvassed. However, this is the heart of the matter
Monday 22 February 2010 11.26am
hmmm, to someone who reads English and not gobblygookpolitician nospeak, all this seems to be saying, is that they have 'plans' to do 'stuff'.
and a lot of it has already been agreed in 2008.

I can't see the specifics that make any sense.
Monday 22 February 2010 1.21pm
@bloggie: when you say 'specifics' do you mean the bits i wrote or the council's document?

one thing that really really really bugs me is the 'creating mixed communities' which is really utter nonsense...
which communities are 'well mixed'?
which communities are not so well mixed?
which communities are not mixed at all so the council has to mix them?
how do you measure how mixed a community is?

the plans are to 'create mixed communities' in elephant & castle, aylesbury, camberwell.

there are no plans to 'create mixed communities' in dulwich, nunhead, dulwich village. those three alone come under 'protection of suburban character'.

in elephant and castle, 'creation of mixed communities' so far has meant ousting of existing communities out of the area, displacing them into areas they are not familiar with, providing some but not all spaces for some but not all to return and mix with...people who have more money/right to be there?

ditto for aylesbury.

ditto for future camberwell.

that's what it looks like at the moment.
end of rant :)
Saturday 6 March 2010 9.01am
if any of you have had the time to submit a representation, please send it to us to, as we've put up a few on the site already and will put up as many as we can, so that there is a public community reference/resource space.
your personal details would not be published. if you are uncomfortable about your name being published, we can just put 'not by people's republic of southwark' or put the name of your group/organisation, if you belong to any.
thank you
Saturday 6 March 2010 11.43am
Was unaware of the core strategy doc. How sad and and annoying that something this important and detailed was created - no doubt with a great deal of hard work - and yet they ended up with a situation in which local groups, let alone residents, didn't know of it and so weren't able to provide feedback.
Saturday 6 March 2010 12.06pm
To be honest it doesn't say much of any substance despite its bulk. It talks in generalities and statements of the obvious:

"Borough High St will be a hub of activity and keep its high street function, with a range of shops, facilities and services to meet the needs of local people, office workers and visitors."

Fascinating. It goes on in this vein for 135 pages.
Saturday 6 March 2010 12.53pm
@tolstoy & aoibhneas

yes theres pages and pages of utter meaninglessness which may or may not tick boxes.

yes the 'consultation' was atrocious and a lot of people (well at least three so far) have brought it up. some groups have been involved but there are absolutely no excuses for 'waiting for people to come to them' which is what they'd basically done. come to where exactly if you don't know it's there in the first place?!

ive had the 'mis-shapes' in my head for days now ;)

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