Accident on Weston St

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Friday 19 March 2010 10.31pm
I remain shocked by this tragic death and by the continued careless driving of Keltbray lorries. I saw three Keltbray trucks thundering along St. Thomas Street/Stainer Street/Tooley Street early this morning. Two of the three drivers didn't bother indicating when turning left and the third only indicated because I highlighted (shouted about) the need to indicate when turning and the serious risk posed to cyclists in not doing so. I will write again to the Commercial Vehicle Unit of the Met Police, urging action to be taken against such dangerous driving.
Saturday 20 March 2010 1.03am

Can we not start a petition to stop these lorries coming down these small streets and to drive in the proper way and then present it to The Shard.

I, also, screamed at a lorry 2 days ago driving like an absolutely idiot down Bermondsey Street. Someone else will be killed if something is not done about this now. I'm talking pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.
Saturday 20 March 2010 8.32am
If these drivers are persistantly flouting speed limits, dangerous driving etc., why no cctv. placed at relevant points to catch the buggers out?

Shame no one thought of using another ancient highway, our beloved River Thames, loads of barges to transport all the rubble down to a more suitable place to offload!
Saturday 20 March 2010 3.14pm
Yesterday I saw a black cab run the red light coming out of Stainer St, Tooley end nearly hitting a motorbike.
Friday 26 March 2010 9.39pm
America Street, which runs between SBR and Great Guildford Street is a tiny little road, mainly used by cars using the car wash and occasionally as short cut by those in the know. There is never a lot of traffic in that part of Great Guilldford Street either, and that lulls you into a false sense of security. Well, it did me any way as I was looking for safer alternatives to cycling on Southwark Street and SBR. A few weeks I was coming from the left when a white van came out of America Street, turning right into GGS (not allowed) with the driver only looking for traffic coming from the left. He didn't even brake, and missed me by a whisker. The driver saw me, and in all fairness, he apologised. Mistakes happen, and I hope it taught him a lesson. Now that all the scaffolding has gone, more and faster traffic comes through America Street. I always stop there now, although I have right of way. Yesterday this proved a lifesaver, as a taxi came shooting out, turning left into GGS. The driver never saw me. Today, a private car did the same thing, although the driver looked but far too late, and again had I not paid attention, something could have happened. It is only a matter of time before something will. It's not just cyclists that are at risk, it's any traffic.
Saturday 27 March 2010 12.24pm
I agree the junction at GGS and America St is one to be wary of. I've had a few close calls as a pedestrian.
Sunday 28 March 2010 8.30am
I can't believe that America Street has an exit into Great guildford street. Have often seen it and assumed it was a little dead end alley, astonishing.
Sunday 28 March 2010 10.48am
Jan the old one wrote:
I can't believe that America Street has an exit into Great guildford street. Have often seen it and assumed it was a little dead end alley, astonishing.

Not only that, but it has clear signals as well, i.e. the signs painted on the road itself, indicating that GGS has precedence, and a street sign indicating that turning right is prohibited. Both these signals are consistently ignored, also by drivers who use that little dead end back alley on the other side of GGS to park or deliver. It used to be a very quiet street, quite safe for cyclists, schoolchildren and other pedestrians, but now it appears to have been contaminated by the general traffic madness as well. I am writing to the council to draw their attention to this, but I doubt it will be picked up, unless something serious happens.
Monday 29 March 2010 10.24am
When walking to work this morning (approx 08:30), I saw a young lady cyclist who was very lucky not to end up under the wheels of skip carrying truck this morning at the Tooley St/Tower Bridge Road junction. The cyclist was heading East along Tooley Street and was attempting to go straight over at the junction. The truck was travelling in the opposite direction and was turning right. Rather than stop and give way to the cyclist, the truck turned across her path. Lucky she managed to stop, falling off her bike in the process. The truck driver just continued South down TBR without even stopping to see if she was okay. The cyclist was back on her bike and heading away before I could speak to her. The lights for the cyclist were on green through the whole incident, so as far as I can tell she did nothing wrong.

I wasn't able to get the details of the truck due to it charging off, but I'll write to the Met Polices Commercial Vehicle Unit that was mentioned above in the hope that they have CCTV coverage of what happened.
Tuesday 30 March 2010 8.54pm
This evening c.19H. London Concrete Truck (Cement Mixer type) going West on Southwark Street outside Menier Theatre, driver chatting on his mobile 'phone ... it was in his right hand against his ear.
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