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Thursday 25 March 2010 4.25pm

I am currently on my final year of University, studying criminology.

For my dissertation i am doing research into fear of crime, and have created a survey.

If you could could you please complete my short survey. It would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Mark
Thursday 25 March 2010 5.38pm
Question 9 asks if the perpetrator of the crime witnessed was intoxicated. I've seen more than one crime. Some were intoxicated, some weren't. I had to choose one. Your data from that question will be invalid.

Question 8 lists crimes due to ethnicity, age, gender and religion and even has 'hate crime' in brackets. The lack of 'sexual orientation' is actually offensive and frankly amateurish in this kind of survey.

I did complete it but I won't be passing it on. If it's very early stages and you can correct the errors, disregarding any data so far, I'll happily pass it on.
Thursday 25 March 2010 5.55pm
Both good points. sorry i missed them out. unable to edit survey now as results have been collected.

Sorry for any offence caused. Both me and my dissertation tutor failed to see this.

But thank you for completing it

Thursday 25 March 2010 5.59pm
thanks for the apology (and I may have been a bit harsh...)
Thursday 25 March 2010 7.07pm
Mark - I hope you don't mind me saying that your dissertation tutor has let you down badly in 'signing off' this questionnaire.

For example, you'll need to be a bit careful about how you interpret and report on these questions:

15. Do you believe women are more at risk of sexual crime?
16. Do you believe children are more or less at risk of being victims of violent crime/behaviour?

Do you mean 'more at risk now than they were in the past'? Or 'more at risk compared with another social sub-group' (e.g. women versus men; children versus adults).

I would also say that the language of Q16 is emotive -i.e. the reference to 'victims' - and likely to colour responses. And I'm uncomfortable with the way you use language and phrases inconsistently throughout the questionnaire, which is likely to make it harder for the respondent to give the answers they actually mean to give, or to answer the questions in the way you intended they should be answered.

For example, better versions of Q15 and Q16 would be:

15. Do you believe women are more or less at risk of sexual crime than men?
16. Do you believe children are more or less at risk of [non-sexual]* violent crime/behaviour than adults?

*Elsewhere in the questionnaire, you're very careful to specify that you don't include sexual crime within this definition. I don't know whether to include it in my response at Q16 as it currently reads.

Finally, why aren't respondents given the choice of saying "None of these" or "Don't know". You force them to make a response they may not really want to make because they feel they have to make some kind of response.

Sorry to be rubbishing your questionnaire (and I'll be happy to help you improve it, if you want to PM me). Your dissertation should be based on good data, so it might be better to start again?
Thursday 25 March 2010 8.10pm

Again, i see your point.

It seemed clear to me and my tutor, but obviously, i see how others might not completely understand the questions.

Meeting with tutor later this week. Will see what to do next, repeat research or just go with the responses i have already collected
Thursday 25 March 2010 10.22pm
Unfortunately, I've seen far worse wording in questionnaires from professional organisations. DEFRA for example. Whether you repeat the research depends on several things. You're in your final year so I suppose it must be cutting it fine. If your tutor is marking it then I suppose it doesn't matter since they are pretty poor. I would be happy to test drive a revised version. I noticed (some of) McQueens points too. Maybe this is an opportunity to get a really good one together. How many respondents have you had? Surely many would repeat it. I think I could get a fair few to do the new version.
Thursday 25 March 2010 11.05pm
have e-mailed tutor, who says the responses i have received seem to be sufficient enough to make a good argument for my hypothesis.

I have received 139 completed responses, so am fairly happy with that. Also, deadline is in 2 weeks, so editing my 'research plan' and creating/editing my survey, as well as performing and reporting more 'findings analysis' will be near impossible

But thanks for your suggestions, if i perform any more survey research in the future, i'll know where to check out.

CHeers :)

Thursday 25 March 2010 11.53pm
Just curious. What Uni are you at?
Friday 26 March 2010 4.03pm
mungylee wrote:
have e-mailed tutor, who says the responses i have received seem to be sufficient enough to make a good argument for my hypothesis.


I'd have to agree with McQueen - it sounds to me that a lot of the blame here goes to the tutor. I know some of them are overworked, and that surveys are difficult to construct, but that's not a good excuse to let any student publish a not so good survey.

Depending on your level of education, there may be an external examiner involved? Who may pick up on all these points?

Good luck in any case!
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