Elephant & Castle regeneration

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Tuesday 23 March 2004 11.49am
Let's all be realistic about the Elephant and Castle. We all live in 2004 and what we have in this area is what we have inheritated from 30 years ago.

You don't need us to go through the problems and why Elephant and Castle needs to change. Massive traffic flows, the run-down appearance of the shopping centre, the deeply unpopular Heygate estate all add up to the need for a major plan of change.

The extensive survey work we have undertaken in the area shows us that 80% of people like or strongly like the plans and can't wait for us to get cracking. We have a rare opportunity to change all of this and it's great that people are demonstrating some confidence in the place and its people-we certainly do!

If you haven't read the plans have a look at website at www.elephantandcastle.org.uk

Despite what the fearmongers have been writing, we are NOT building on open spaces, in fact we are creating new open spaces that will actually increase the amount of open land in the area.

If you do live in the area you should be receive our latest newsletter by next week and if you don't live in the area pick up a copy at your local library or download it from our website.

The regeneration of Elephant and Castle isn't a conspiracy being carried out behind closed door. Its an absolutely open public process and every one of you in free to participate in the development of the plans. Just keep an eye on the website or in the local papers, which will contain full details of upcoming exhibitions, meetings and events in the area as we plan them. You are always welcome to call the project team as well on 020 7525 4922.

We like your comment and discussion online and encourage you to ask continue asking any questions you may have regarding the regeneration of Elephant and Castle.

Tuesday 23 March 2004 1.28pm
It's good to see that someone (albeit nameless) in a position of resposnsibility is trying to engage with the virtual SE1 community.

1 "Despite what the fearmongers have been writing, we are NOT building on open spaces..." Strictly, you are not building on dedicated "public open spaces", but are there some sites that are currently open which will be developed? That may be a perfectly defensible policy, but you need to recognise that blanket denials of this sort do not add credibility to your case.

2 Could you provide specific answers/reassurance to the questions/concerns raised in
the earlier thread

3 "The regeneration of Elephant and Castle isn't a conspiracy being carried out behind closed door."

No, just apparently hiding behind sending us unreadable CD-ROMS containing documents, which when eventually downloaded from the website prove to be overdesigned, and to have unreadably small plans and tiny diagrams!

Updated as previous edit curtailed by urgent meeting!

Post edited (23 Mar 04 14:26)
Tuesday 23 March 2004 1.51pm
ahhhhh. The sound of one door closing

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Tuesday 23 March 2004 2.53pm
Interesting website we are referred to.

To save others looking, the entire www.elephantandcastle.org website is empty apart from a single sentance - 'some content here please' - is this irony by a subversive anti-development poster pretending to be the developer.
Tuesday 23 March 2004 3.04pm
Methinks that they meant
Tuesday 23 March 2004 3.05pm
Hi there,

The correct website is http://www.elephantandcastle.org.uk

The website links to lots of information and we are continuing to develop this.

We will respond to other points raised this week


Communications team
Elephant and Castle Regeneration
020 7525 4922
Tuesday 23 March 2004 3.07pm
Indeed - I own elephantandcastle.org and one day may get round to launching an Elephant sub-site of this website at that address.


Editor of the London SE1 website.
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Tuesday 23 March 2004 3.11pm
We have had a large number of the development CDs produced and have had no reports that they are not working by anyone other than yourself.

I have also randomly checked about 20 out of 5000 and they are fine.

Would you like us to send another?


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