SE1 postal service problems (part 3)

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Wednesday 28 April 2004 9.31am
Had a potentially dodgy incident this morning with the post.

The postman knocked as I had a special delivery item (new debit card).

The last time I had a signed for item, the postman (a different one) seemed to get me to sign something that was incompletely filled in -- I was a bit dubious but in a rush to get to work so didn't argue. Since then a friend who lives in South London but not SE1 has had problems with a delivery from Amazon -- items were signed for (not by him) which he never received, so now he's having a battle with Amazon over it.

So I was very careful in what I signed this morning. The card the postman asked me to sign was completely blank. I handed it back to him, saying I wasn't prepared to sign it until it had been filled in, to which he protested "I'm going to do it in a minute" and then started to ask me if I was the addressee on the letter, somewhat ungraciously, so now I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to get singled out for even worse service (as in the account of someone here when they were threatened when complaining). I said I'd rather it was filled in first because of various problems we've had with mail so he stuck the label from the letter on to the card. The time was also not filled in so I filled it in myself before signing.

It may have been an innocent (but rather sloppy) incident, but I'm wondering if there are a number of signed for items that go missing in this way. The person who receives an item, signs for something else which gets pinched. The signatory doesn't complain as they have received their item of mail.
Wednesday 28 April 2004 10.01am
There is an article in the Daily Mail today, Wednesday, on the Royal MAil
Wednesday 28 April 2004 12.55pm
Article in Evening Standard earlier this week:

26/04/04 - News and city section

Royal Mail 'failing users'
By Jonathan Prynn, Evening Standard Consumer Affairs Editor

The 500,000-a-year head of the Royal Mail today admitted Britain's much criticised postal service was "falling short" of public expectations.
Wednesday 28 April 2004 1.59pm
Yesterday I took a call at home from a man who said he worked for Southwark News ( I think). He interviewed me about this thread and our troubles and said that it would appear in next week's paper. Anyone else been approached like this?

"I knew I was cured"
Wednesday 28 April 2004 3.23pm
Where did he get your number from? Good to have interest from more media though...
Wednesday 28 April 2004 11.49pm
The main headline on the front page of Thursday's Daily Telegraph is:

Thieving, laziness and utter chaos in the post

They're doing a preview of the Dispatches programme.

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Thursday 29 April 2004 9.11am
I heard on the Today programme this morning that a number of papers are covering this -- Telegraph, Mail and Independent I think, perhaps more.

It isn't getting any better around here. Had another communication from my mortgage provider sent on April 8 go astray I discovered today
Thursday 29 April 2004 9.49am
Yeah, another CDR went up the pictures recently.

Hat, I assume he got my number from here or Simon Hughes or somewhere like that. I know I gave my contact details to various people and permission to quote me so I wasn't altogether surprised. There was someone on here collating complaints and taking details. Sorry, can't remember who just now.

"I knew I was cured"
Thursday 29 April 2004 12.23pm
Rach - can you email me your number asap - hat.margolies[a] We have the Standard interested...
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