Southwark parking laws

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Sunday 4 April 2004 4.52pm
Hello all

Just wondered if anyone knew how much notice the council have to give before they suspend a Resident Parking bay. Can't find anything on their website.

I parked in a bay with my valid permit displayed, then went away for a few days. When I came back there was a massive yellow sign saying the bay was suspended (backdated to the first day I'd parked there) - so I ended up with two tickets. Not amused! There was definitely no warning sign up when I parked there.

Any ideas? I've got to either pay it tomorrow or fight it.

Sunday 4 April 2004 10.22pm
There was a case about that in the papers recently! I believe they have to give at least 48 hours, and no way can they put a suspended bay sign up on the day it is being suspended, they have to forwarn people about the suspension of the bay! I suggest you fight it, to many people accept the council is right, but generally speaking they have illegally issued tickets. Did you know they are actually questioning the human rights of charging us to park on what is actually classed as public property! parking laws are not actually in our constitution but are only by laws! Clamping a vehicle is actually considered a form of black mail!
FIGHT IT these foreigners who give out the parking tickets probably dont even know what year it is, let alone when they can issue a ticket!
Sunday 4 April 2004 11.19pm
Dominic, how deft of you, crowbar in your racist views in response to another user's request for information. You've been reading How to Win Friends and Influence people I see.

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Monday 5 April 2004 6.53am

Ignorance is bliss
Monday 5 April 2004 7.56am
Monday 5 April 2004 9.08am
which foreigners? moot point..foreign to whom?

Interesting post Dominic..apart from the last seem to have nullified the other interesting bit I think...

Monday 5 April 2004 9.25am

In response to your original question, (and based on a quick scan of some other LBC websites) most authorities say that they will aim to give 48 hours notice. However, all of them say that they reserve the right to suspend a parking bay on as little as 2 hours notice (some say 24) in the case of an emergency.

The fact that Southwark don't give any such guidance doesn't help in fighting the ticket. However, unless they can show that it was an emergency (and presumably, if your car was still there and wasn't towed, how could it have been ?), you could try pointing to the fact that most other London authorities give at least 48 hours notice. I suspect you may have a better chance of getting them to let you off the first one (i.e. the first day of the suspension) than the subsequent ones.

Good luck

Monday 5 April 2004 11.08am
Thanks everyone...I'll fight for my rights! It's ironic that I only use my car once in a blue moon, thereby attempting to lessen traffic jams, pollution etc, but can't leave it anywhere safely.


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