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Monday 5 April 2004 7.46am

we are about to buy a flat in islington. we have however also found out that there is apropsed tube extension (crossrail 2) that runs directly under this flat.

we would like to hear from anyone that had the jubilee extension tuneeled under their house. did it have an impact, either from noise or vibrations?

many thanks.

Monday 5 April 2004 8.54am
I did in my old house, and there were vibrations, but you get used to them - it certainly didn't rattle the china.

My current house is also close to a line, but seems quieter, so may be deeper or slightly further away.

It certainly wouldn't put me off, whereas the thought of living in Islington would...!


Monday 5 April 2004 11.19am
I'm with loafer on this - don't make a terrible mistake - move to SE1 instead before it is too late!!
Monday 5 April 2004 3.02pm
I've heard of terrible problems of subsidance associated with the Jubilee extension up on St THomas' Street but that is probably more to do with the station than the tunnels. Still, you have to be sure because I know that the battles for compensation have been ongoing and horrendous.
Monday 5 April 2004 5.53pm
There is actually a real problem with the tube in Islington.

Every Saturday it dumps a load of zone-sixers out into upper street to booze until their eyes roll back into their heads, and then chuck-up cheap mexican food and pizza on the pavements.

You might want to consider that before an expensive house purchase. SE1 is much nicer.

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Monday 5 April 2004 6.58pm
red bus -

very sadly, I feel that some bits of Borough High Street are getting rather close to what you have just described.
Rest of SE1 is wonderful. Islington is 'so passe' (dont know how to do the acute accent) - though it does have a nice swimming pool which is definitely one up on here.
Monday 5 April 2004 7.40pm
You mean Belushis ?
Monday 5 April 2004 9.49pm
Belushis is one of the most obvious and latest-open of the establishments I have in mind, but there are others too. I dont even know where some of these people are coming from or going to, but that area of Borough High St, and some of the small roads leading off it, can be pretty unpleasant at peak drinking-time. I live in one of the side-roads off there, I have no objection to a drink followed by a jovial stagger home in the small hours, but I can do without all the urinating, puking, shouting and vandalism, and often people being quite aggressive and abusive, mostly to each other but sometimes to third parties too.
Tuesday 6 April 2004 6.50pm

I find it hard to judge sometimes - i agree that sometimes it feels more crowded and less safe than it used to - but then often it is still nice and quiet. did the George always have bouncers...?
Wednesday 7 April 2004 11.49pm
I think its more unpleasant but more rather than less safe, simply because of the increased numbers of people wandering around. And yes its still quite quiet for central London, its just nowhere near as quiet as 10 or 20 years ago which is what I'm comparing it with.

Many of the pubs have had bouncers for a while, but only when Milwall are playing at home! When I moved here, Borough High St was shut on Saturday, pubs included.
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