Burglary using garage roof to access my property - do southwark owe any sort of 'duty of care'?

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Wednesday 8 September 2010 7.13pm
Had my bike stolen on Saturday night from covered side return. The thieves had climbed on flat roof of adjoining garages and then unscrewed roof panels. All very depressing but hey ho.

Anyways, I had alerted the council that children had been climbing on the roof and jumping down into my garden. This had happened over Easter. The local PC had been very efficient in emailing the local housing officer but it was not obvious that the council understood or could be bothered to investigate. I therefore sent email in June to same local housing officer outlining my distress and concern, and whether they would consider anti-climb paint or those silver twirly burglary prevention devices. Got no response at all. Now in September the above happens.

Am I able to complain to the council? Do they have any sort of consitution or targets for responding to local residents? Have they failed in their duty of care? Am I able to sue for compensation? Should I go down the local councillor route (is it worth it?)

Any advice welcomed - I live just off Southwark Park Road..
Wednesday 8 September 2010 8.09pm
Yes it's worth it - you have to hold them to account as you pay the council tax that pays for the services. The local councillors are good at taking up cases and holding the council executive to account. Have a look on the Southwark web site for who your councillor is. Mine has been very helpful in the past.

I think it depends on if you live in a council owned property to ascerain what their duty towards you was.
Thursday 9 September 2010 7.35am
Thanks for that JGarcia. My building is not council owned but the garages are. By having zero security on this low, one storey building they have created a 'nuisance' for me. I brought this to their attention and they did nothing. This then resulted in 'harm'...

I dont know if these are legal terms, quasi-legal terms or just pompous sounding words that I am bandying around in an attempt to get something done!
Thursday 9 September 2010 10.20am
Send letters, not emails. And notify Southwark News / local MP about the lack of activity.
Thursday 9 September 2010 10.40am
As a cyclist, I sympathise hugely. However, all local Councils currently have HUGE deficits and in all likelihood, they probably didn't act in a timely manner because all services are stretched due to the recruitment freeze.

So bear in mind that very penny that you take in compensation comes from the same pot that provides your local services...

It's a bit of a vicious circle, really.
Thursday 9 September 2010 11.21am
Send letters, not emails. And notify Southwark News / local MP about the lack of activity. wrote:

Au Contraire, The local councillors should be contacted, not the MP. The garage is council property, and the matter is a local one.
Whilst the local press loves a good scoop;
'Bermondsey Bicycle Theft' Headlines will not have me jumping out of bed to buy a copy before my breakfast next Thursday.
Finally use email, but keep it short, sentences, not paragraphs - and don't 'cc'.

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