Traffic on London Bridge

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Thursday 8 April 2004 2.30pm
I have noticed over a period of quite a few weeks & today, that there is always a build up of traffic on London Bridge every Thursday.
I cycle home from the city every lunch time to walk my dog, so I (sadly) notice these things....
I can understand that today could be an exception(bank holiday w/end & all), but is there some reason why there are more road users at this time?

....think I need to get a life.........

Thursday 8 April 2004 3.27pm
Ah-haaa !
I've cracked it now. Your dog is called Kylie, Kyliedog ?

[no idea about the Thu traffic thing, but do actually agree. As I walk up to London Brdge tube, EVERY Thu morning the traffic is always backed up along St. Thomas' St from Boro High St. Spooky]
Thursday 8 April 2004 4.11pm
It might be because of the holiday, but the roads around the Bricklayers seemed very quiet at midday. Is everyone dashing out of town? Jetting off to the sun? Aren't they all terrified about being blown up (like we're supposed to be)?
Whatever, it leaves more space for us 'doughnut' dwellers.

PS. Doughnut: a representation of a city using said doughy delight. The empty, middle bit, is where no one lives 'cept us.
Tuesday 13 April 2004 1.58pm
Very clever G00se, well spotted! I have a maddog called Kylie.
Traffic is fine this lunch time - but it's only Tuesday after all....

Anonymous User
Tuesday 13 April 2004 3.02pm
Rather than alot of traffic there were some dreadful drivers attemtping to get over London Bridge yesterday with little or no road knowledge, and in keeping with my pet theory that all bad drivers wear hats to drive in, most of them were wearing hats!

Sorry I didn't answer your question, I just needed to get that off my chest.

Don't get me started on scotter riders...
Tuesday 13 April 2004 3.33pm
some friends down for the weekend, decided to go back home over Tower Bridge, hope it wasn't them you saw.

What's so bad about scooter riders?
Tuesday 13 April 2004 3.54pm
Saw a fantastic example yesterday in Hyde Park of why Yanks shouldn't be let loose over the planet.

Picture the scene; Crowded pavement outside one of the entrances to the park. Middle-aged yank couple [I say Yank, since I could hear their accents, as well as noting the dreadful fashion sense !] attempting to cross the road. Facing the wrong way. I watched a much older, black Momma quietly tell them to watch the other way for the traffic. The woman shouted at this old lady like she was about to mug her ! And walked straight out into the road.

The soft-top Merc that screeched to a halt held three young lads that were frankly shocked to have nearly splattered this woman [but it was nice to see how swiftly they rallyed [sp. ??] to hurl abuse at the retreating Yank].

And then the husband held up his hand to the oncoming traffic and shouted "I'm an American ! Let me cross !"

Welcome to our shores. Would you like Queen Liz's fax number ?

Anonymous User
Tuesday 13 April 2004 4.29pm

Scooter riders (I know this is a generalisation and that some are very safe) scare the life out of me. They have very little, if any, training and the only protective gear they seem to wear is helmets.

If they were to come of at 30 mph, they'd skid along the road for 30 metres, denim (which seems to be the most protective of the gear I've seen them wear) will hold out for around 6 metres... you do the math... that's why they scare me.
Thursday 29 April 2004 2.54pm
Guess what??

It's Thursday & London Bridge heading South was rammed yet again at lunch time...........

Is South London more popular on a Thursday?

I also got soaked!

Thursday 29 April 2004 3.10pm
Isn't Thursday the night out for most in London? Always has been for me... Probably rushing home to dump the cars (and scooters...!!)

Reminds me... Must dash!!
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