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Saturday 14 January 2012 7.37pm
Mandela (no)Way
Sunday 15 January 2012 9.30am
We got a letter in the post yesterday franked with the date 31/10/2011.....fortunately not urgent!

We also still have lots of outstanding undelivered mail...same problem occurred this time last year (I think) and it took months to get all of our mail through.
Sunday 15 January 2012 9.32am
Also forgot to mention the two missing parcels sent first class royal mail that we were told have been sent, but that have never appeared......
Sunday 15 January 2012 12.48pm
As I say - Mandela (no)Way. A friend in Lee Green had a parcel delivered at 7.30 yesterday morning and card put through door as postman couldn't rouse him from his sleep. Two hours later my friend went to the sorting office and collected it before setting off to visit me in Waterloo. He was at my flat around 1pm, just as our postman was arriving for the first delivery of the day. Would love to know why we can't have the same kind of service.
Wednesday 8 February 2012 2.03pm
The story of the appalling postal service in SE1 continues ..... I am at home on sick leave at the moment so am in all day. I should have received a CD from Amazon yesterday as well as 2 magazines that I subscribe to and that also usually arrive on a Tuesday. We had NO post at all yesterday and,needless to say, although today's post has just arrived, it did not bring any of the aforementioned items. I have just checked with Amazon who have confirmed that the item was sent but is untraceable due to its low value so I guess that I will never see that again :( Ditto the magazines :(

This is not the first time this has happened but I am at my wits end as to what to do next? Someone within the Mandela Way sorting office is either doing very well from all these ' misding' items or having great fun in chucking all this post down the huge black hole that exists somewhere in that cursed building!!! Grrrr :(
Wednesday 8 February 2012 2.33pm
I have had some terrible experiences with Mandela Way ever since moving to SE1 four years ago. On three occasions in the past six months I have had to request a second dispatch from Amazon and Zavvi, only for these replacement items to go missing too. And I currently have a complaint in about them losing a tracked item...
Thursday 9 February 2012 12.33pm
Now received a card from royal mail saying they tried to deliver two packages.
So more inconvience inflicted on us again. As I've already stated I'm home on sick leave. I don't believe they even attempted to deliver the packages. This seems to be the norm for any deliveries to my home.
Not happy at all.
Thursday 9 February 2012 2.05pm
The Royal Mail at Madela Way is dishonest beyond belief...there its been said....they either steal things or just don't deliver...end of.

I have been waiting for my Decemeber delivery from Hotel Chocolat...I knew it had been dispatched as they charged my credit card account but when it didn't turn up I called them to check when it had gone out. They then sent a replacement... it never arrived. I called and they then sent a 3rd box recorded delivery...strangely this never arrived either despite it being tracked and apparently signed for...difficult as I was away in the USA. The 4th box is now on its way via a private courier company. Hopefully that will arrive today.

So....3 boxes gone missing? The 3rd apparently signed for! Don't tell me there is no dishonesty going on here.
Friday 10 February 2012 10.52am
Just when I thought the postal service down Grange Road couldn't possibly get any worse, I came back last night to find a whole pile of mail for address all down Grange Road and surrounding roads just thrown inside the courtyard of where I live.
Fortunately given the snow, it was undercover. I popped it all back in the nearest postbox so hopefully it will actually get delivered this time.
I would hate to think of someone missing an important letter due to what looks like laziness and incompetence on behalf of the postman. Anyone know how I can put in an official complaint to the Royal Mail?
Friday 10 February 2012 11.12am
If you back into this thread you will see all the sugestions for making a formal complaints- to the postal reveiw service or google it- I would back this up all of you with a emal to the CEO
Moya Green
There are hundereds of complaints on this thread- but as tiresome as it is- it has to be backed up with action.
Having said that I am still waiting for a response from both - the former having lost my original recorded delivery letter ( containing all the emails of complaints sent) You could not make it up
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