Old Kent Road Tesco

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Thursday 4 April 2002 11.20am
I agree with some points in another thread. It's a depressing, dangerous, infuriating experience. Poor quality, bad service and a carpark that has such an air of threat about it that Quentin Tarantino really should shoot his next film there.
Thursday 4 April 2002 12.45pm
Well put...

The security guards would be better deployed in the carpark instead of watching the fruit display or wandering around intimidating innocent shoppers.
Thursday 4 April 2002 2.31pm
we often go well out of our way (from bricklayers arms area) to Sainsburys in New Cross or Tesco in Kennington just to avoid the hell-hole. (and that's with the extra cost of a mini-cab back, rather than walking)!

We went in there once, and the freezer cabinets were merrily defrosting, from which shoppers were still buying food!
Thursday 4 April 2002 3.11pm
The dominating store ambience is one of carefree indifference with a take it or leave it vibe about it and it's not cheap enough to pull it off. Lidl must have inspired the management. They should be force fed their own commercials on a loop.

It's also not clean.

I cross the river to Sainsbury's Whitechapel unless I'm desperate.
Thursday 4 April 2002 4.44pm
WHat about the Tesco in Elephant and Castle shopping centre. It's small but not bad for emergencies.
a happy customer
Monday 8 April 2002 12.09pm
I live in a block of flats with a few others and we share the cost of Tesco Direct about once every two months. Means we can do a huge shopping without all the hassle (if you have a big freezer).

I used to think I would miss the idea of seeing what I was buying but the service is great and only 5. Means you don't have to waste a Saturday fighting the crowds. They've always arrive exactly on time.

Also, Sainsbury has been doing a promotional deal and offered Sainsbury To You free of charge.
Monday 8 April 2002 1.06pm
Someone has suggested Tesco at Elephant...?

I can walk home from E&C, so usually go there, with the Old Kent Rd being \"saved\" for a big spend. If you don\'t like the Old Kent Rd, you\'ll hate E&C - even though it has been refurbished in recent weeks.

It\'s not as grim as it used to be, but the lack of any fresh produce in the evenings is staggering. The choice seems to have improved since the refit, but size restraints still mean that it is limited.

I\'ve never really seen O.K. Rd as being that bad.
Monday 8 April 2002 4.01pm
There are other choices, bit further afield.

Surrey Quays Tesco (Canada Water Jubilee line), miles better than Old Kent Road.
Safeways near St Katherines Dock a bit more expensive than Tesco.
Tuesday 9 April 2002 10.53am
how depressing it is to hear how everyone is walking miles and miles to avoid one huge supermarket and and get to another: can i recommend across the road from OKR tescos a v good halal delicatessan where you can buy your olives and fresh bread for a fraction of the price, and of course all your fresh fruit and vegetables from east street, cheap wine from lidl etc etc
Tuesday 9 April 2002 11.40am
cool - I didn't know there was a safeways near St Katherine's Docks - can you tell me more?

We use Tesco Surry Quays, but that's getting a bit poor in quality. There never seem to be staff at the fresh fish counter! and Saturday shopping is a no-no.

Also, while I'm in ranting mood, can anyone tell me why they always have 'shelf stackers' working during peak trading hours??? Bad bad management.
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