Idiotic Teenage Cyclists

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Sunday 1 May 2011 9.18pm
I'm a huge fan of promoting cycling (see my previous posts) but I can see why people hate them. Recently have been on the receiving end of a lot of stupidity, but the main culprits are a bunch of teenagers that fly along the south bank at a stupid pace. I don't go out that much, but I've see the same group causing far to much in a short space of time. Last month I saw them causing nuisance by the clink museum, last week chucking eggs when cycling past the Starbucks by tower bridge, and today in potter fields playing chicken with tourists. I'm fairly certain they are they same group each time. There are five of them, each time playing chicken with people coming in the opposite direction.

Given the number of small children in the area, it is just a small step from disaster.
Sunday 1 May 2011 10.40pm
That's got nothing to do with cyclists, it's just pure juvenile delinquency.
Tuesday 3 May 2011 9.43am
I had the same experience when crossing the Millennium Bridge at night, they almost knocked my Gfriend off.. had she moved of just a millimeter.. five of them in fact..

I guess this is a matter for the police, not for us to deal. They must be aware of it.
Tuesday 3 May 2011 9.54am
Same group at Hay's Galleria, but that was nearly a year ago now!
Tuesday 3 May 2011 10.09am
Unfortunately I suspect this is one of those things that the police are aware of, but can do very little about.

Until there's a serious accident of course, and then it is too late...
Tuesday 3 May 2011 10.56pm
Sam, perhaps that should read, "That the police are aware of, but have little or no interest in."
Monday 9 May 2011 1.41am
There's some idiot kid who rides one of those little motorbikes on the streets round here, no helmet and clearly about 12 years old. Insane.
Monday 9 May 2011 8.42am
Why don't you call the police David instead of writing to a forum ? It seems quite illegal ... It is not a new thing. In summer time they come out and take a street and go back and forward. I remember same complains in another thread last year. Just call the police and they will take the bikes if illegal.

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