Borough Market traders evicted

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Saturday 14 May 2011 4.34pm
... and I'm a boy not a girl. But you're forgiven.
Saturday 14 May 2011 4.54pm
Wow Ceri - I am guessing your employers will be horrified when they read your misguided post.

Oh, and I don't think you will be forgiven that quickly.
Saturday 14 May 2011 4.56pm
'I went to fact school- not charm school'.

And here lies one of the issues throughout this whole debacle, individuals who have spent their time learning the intricacies of business management, but have failed to recognise/forgotten/ignored (take your pick) what lies at the base of that pyramid; people. You seem to consider 'charm' an ugly word whereas my dictionary defines it as 'A quality or feature exciting love or admiration; attractiveness; the indefinable power of delighting', attributes I would have thought you'd want to see promoted at the market. The fact that you label it as a negative reveals much about the logic of operations at play.

Now if you had only written the second post I'd have cut you some slack, but it is because we care about BM that these passions (there's another fine word for you) have arisen as the market no longer appears to be for the community.

Just so its clear, I have no axe to grind, I am merely one of the many who now no longer shops there. I get my coffee at Monmouth, then leave.
Saturday 14 May 2011 4.56pm
I'm curious to know what you are paid to advise on? admittedly every time I visit the office above the High Street Arch,it seems to be in a state of flux and alteration,and ever expanding with additional staff,traders are relegated to a waiting area ,not going in the office at all,I suppose we might see too much
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.02pm
Ceri Evans wrote:
Would you rather that Borough Market didnt stand up for itself, its traders, its customers- and most important of all- for quality and integrity? Borough Market is a superb asset for Southwark and London. Support it rather than sniping from the sidelines.

Put up or shut up, in other words: a message seemingly being addressed now to traders and locals alike.

I for one both live and work within 10 minutes' stroll of the market but apart from as an occasional punter have no other connection with it. I was quoted on page 2 of this thread as describing in positive terms the impression I'd gleaned about the plans from a meeting at Bankside community centre.

Equally, I share some of the concerns about restraint of trade that fellow-residents as well as stallholders have expressed here. What I find unacceptable is for the entire range of issues to be dismissed by an official representative as coming "usually from people who have an agenda or who have been mis-informed".

Without any paid involvement I've taken the trouble to inform myself and attempt to assess something from a perspective outside my own bubble. You, Ceri, should try doing the same.
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.04pm
As I believe in facts not spin, I shall reluctantly sign out of this debate now by admitting that my masters have ordered me to. As I said- they are sane and polite and commited to Borough Market, its traders and its customers.
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.07pm
It's about time then that your "masters" engage properly with this disquiet instead.
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.11pm
'...they are sane and polite...'

Whereas you appear to be neither. A very foolish move, Ceri.
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.14pm
What a shame, then, that your post has informed us that, at best, they're bad judges of whom they employ, or, at worst, they're as arrogant and aggressive as the people they pay to advise them. For the sake of the market and customers they purport to serve, I hope it's the former rather than the latter.
Saturday 14 May 2011 5.21pm
Disappointing that the best BM can produce is some arrogant, patronising response from someone who then goes on to pull out at the slightest sign of resistance.
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