Tabard Gardens TMC has a new director

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Wednesday 12 May 2004 12.29am
Yes, it's true people. A few very stupid, sorry unbelievable stupid individuals have managed to make the best decision for you, or so they may "THICK" sorry "think"!

Residents of Tabard Gardens Estate. Members of your management committee (who will now give all member a bad name) have managed to let the power go to their heads (not again),
"common practice" and make the very wise choice and appoint a NEW TMC DIRECTOR....
They were not going to make a silly choice and stick with the chips they have already earned, then build on them, no, no way who would do such a thing.
The fact is, members of your management committee simple like to gamble and as you know gambling is a bad habit, which destroys peoples lives every day. Together with being "power freaks" you and your estate don't stand a chance.... ha.... ha...ha.... you may say, after that. But, it's by no means a joke, unlike members of the committee.

Help! Because I can't seem to understand what's going on?
The boat left and I wasn't on it......or may be, the boat left and members of the TMC management committee decided to swim, now that you

Is it just me who has noticed the changes on the estate since the previous Chair made a very lucky (not educated) decision and appoint John Everett as temp-Director?
I'll answer that: YES, of course!
Is it just me, or has more (well needed) major works been done on the estate in the last 7 months than was done in the whole 7 years history of the TMC by the TMC?
I'll answer again; YES, of course!

You know the answers to both questions is yes. So, why don't members of your management committee? I wonder?
something's going on....

For some residents and members of other organizations this may sound like good news but, you unfortunate bunch are going to be even more'll see what I mean if something is not done to stop this moment of what can only be described as pure and utter madness!!!

So, how can you do something about this? you can't because you left it up to members of the TMC management committee.

Residents should contact their area chair to discuss this in more detail or make complaints at the TMC office. For residents who don't fully understand the topic of discussion, my answer is:
start to understand the TMC, because after all, you don't want just anyone people climbing from the woodwork and making decisions for you, do you?

Good luck with talking sense into the members....


No chance.

Wednesday 12 May 2004 7.37pm
This post confuses me. I assume it was written after a few pints.
Are you someone previously connected to the TMC who has been cast aside? I remember receiving numerous leaflets penned by TMC members who were locked out, and felt they were being treated badly. Were you a member of the 'Vote NO to TMC Continuation campaign.?'
Wednesday 12 May 2004 9.37pm
What's so confusing?
Sounds like a phoney caller here people.
Good luck!

Thursday 13 May 2004 8.50am

I agree with phoney, your post made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I am fairly sure (I think) that you are unhappy with the situation, but I am entirely unclear if it because you or your chosen candidate were not elected to a committee, or if someone you don't like was.

On the other hand, I don't particularly care either, I just don't like bullies.


Thursday 13 May 2004 10.56am
Got to agree with you Phoney & Loafer, the original post makes tricky reading at best (or is perhaps just gibberish).

From what I can decipher I think the salient points that 'No Chance' is trying to make are:

- the TMC Management Committee have ousted John Everett from his position as (temp?) Director
- 'No Chance' is hacked off with the TMC Management Committee
- cider and posting on forums mixes like the devil and cream cheese!

I haven't heard anything about John Everett getting the heave-ho. In fact bumped into Bill Stalham (Vice Chair of TMC) this morning and he didn't mention it, which wouldn't be like him at all. He just told me about some flower tubs that are to be delivered next Monday. How nice.

I'll try and find out what the scoop is.
Thursday 13 May 2004 11.10am
For those who may be interested, apparently it's true - John Everett is no longer Director of Tabard Gardens TMC.

A replacement hasn't been decided upon as yet and currently there's 'no one in charge' according to the person at the TMC office I spoke to [images of TMC staff smoking fags in the office, throwing paper darts and having a bun fight spring to mind...or maybe that's normal, dunno].

This makes the title of the post factually incorrect.
Thursday 13 May 2004 11.20am
John Everett has indeed been ousted, in the sense that he has reached the end of his temporary contract and has not been re-employed because someone else was considered to be preferable at interview.

I can understand anyone being unhappy about this, because:
1. As has been noted previously on this forum, a lot of good things have happenned during John Everett's brief time here, in spite of a very very very unpromising initial situation - indeed it would have been entirely justified in my opinion to have considered it hopeless.
2. The current management committee have yet to build up a level of trust on the estate, overcoming the horrendous situations in the past.

I am no fan of the current management committee, although there are some good people on it as well as some awful ones. As I have said before, I think John Everett has done wonders. However he is not the only good housing professional in the whole world, and the new candidate sounds good also, from what I have heard. So I'm awaiting another chapter in the surprising and convoluted story of residents running Tabard Estate....
Thursday 13 May 2004 11.45am
Ahhh, thank you for that TUMJ. All becomes clear.

Something tells me this won't change the 'effectiveness' and 'focus' of the TMC Management Committee and I shan't be holding my breath in anticipation of the TMC MC 'managing' their way out of a damp paper bag in the near future. Let's hope the new director, whoever they happen to be, doesn't fall foul of some petty political agenda and we end up in the same or similar postion with infighting and division, with all the associated squandering of Tabard residents' money!
Thursday 13 May 2004 4.40pm
Actually, all is as clear as mud!

Ants' post previous to mine appeared while I was writing mine so I've only just read it and phoned the office myself. Not surprisingly they are being tight-lipped, but I have other sources....

I know the new candidate has been selected, but may not yet have been formally appointed, and in any case has some notice to work out. In the meantime the TMC committe has b*llsed up by having John employed on a weekly basis while waiting to be interviewed for his own job, and either he has (unsurprisingly) got fed up and gone, or has been told to go. What a mess up!
Thursday 13 May 2004 7.15pm
I didn't know that John Everett had departed. I thought he was doing a great job, and I sent him a couple of emails telling him so last month.
The original post from no chanceseems vaguely less muddled now. I wonder if he is John Everett posting after a night of drowning his sorrows. (That's a joke)

I despair of the TMC. They seem to specalise in squabbling.
Oh well, at least the Northfleet heating, kitchens and landing painting has just about been completed before someone puts their sticky mitts in the coffers. We are due to have the windows done in August. Hope that doesn't bite the dust.
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