Cllr Dan Garfield - cyclists are murderers

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Friday 5 August 2011 10.59am
Our chairman of the Transport and Environment committee joined Twitter today. Within 20 minutes he'd tweeted:

"hate cyclists - full of 'I'm a kind person' whilst POTENTIALY KILLING PEOPLE. hash tag #cyclistsaremurderous"!/DanGarfield

It's a shame that potentially killing people, but never (to my knowledge, in the borough) actually doing so, rates so highly in his concerns when far too many cyclists and pedestrians do actually die on our streets, crushed and hit by cars and lorries on dangerous roads that he is responsible for.
Friday 5 August 2011 11.45am
Calm down - he has clarified with another tweet.
Friday 5 August 2011 11.50am
His clarification doesn't cut it for me I'm afraid.
Friday 5 August 2011 12.40pm
Lesson learned hopefully, think before you tweet with an inflammatory hash tag. Nifty bit of PR there.
Friday 5 August 2011 12.40pm
Cut the guy some slack.
Friday 5 August 2011 12.46pm
It says "murderous", not "murderers".

There are good and bad cyclists; I've been a cyclist in my time, but my health (and fear of London roads) doesn't allow it at the moment. I have seen terrible behaviour.

As to people being killed by cyclists, it does happen. Not as often as cyclists are killed by motor vehicles, but then a bicycle is probably harder to kill someone with than a bus.
Friday 5 August 2011 12.58pm
I'm not disputing that there are terrible road users of all kinds.

The chair of our Transport and Environment Committee should know better.

That's 11 deaths in London in 8 months...
Friday 5 August 2011 1.19pm
jamesup wrote:
Our chairman of the Transport and Environment committee joined Twitter today. Within 20 minutes he'd tweeted

Dan's tweet header states: "Tweeting in personal capacity." - rather like posting in this forum.
Friday 5 August 2011 1.20pm
Read his twitter feed. What a plank! DUH.

4 posts in and already his constituents have cause to laugh and sl*g him off.

"amateur historian"? More like amateur politician
Friday 5 August 2011 1.26pm
True, but it does go some way to explaining why there isn't much enthusiasm to try to make life a bit easier for those on two wheels. I'm not a cyclist myself, but every time I see a bus/truck and a bike, I think 'that can't be a good idea, them sharing the same space?'

Totally agree with the OP on the standard of driving, though - the standard seems to get worse and worse, as more and more cars flood the already full to capacity roads, and the drivers get more and more aggressive. Can't be good for anyone, but cars are like religion in the UK, there's no way you're getting people out of them.
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