(3) Millennium Sq Info Request

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Sunday 7 August 2011 6.17pm
Hi guys and gals,

It's a bit of a random request, and probably should ask my landlady, but hey, thought I would get a quick response here. I haven't been able to track down my electricity meter. I've found my gas one, but having trouble finding my leccy one...

Anyone know where they are? I might of course being stupid and completely missed it within the appt, but my neighbour also asked me where his might be, so either way, if anyone can help, that would be fantastic!

Hope you all had a great weekend. :)

Sunday 7 August 2011 7.32pm
Invite us all round for a drink and we'll help you look for it.....
Sunday 7 August 2011 11.02pm
In new developments they're often clustered in a cupboard along the corridor somewhere on your floor. The concierge or on-site maintenance people are more likely to know where (and to have a key) than the landlord.

The next challenge is to work out which of the several meters is yours!-\
Monday 8 August 2011 1.09pm
My earlier flippant comment aside, do make sure you are being billed against the correct meter, once you've located where it is. My experience in a new development some years ago was to discover (after about 2 years of living there) that my neighbour and I were being billed for each others meters. It only became obvious after I had been living abroad for several months and came back to a disproportionate bill. Fortunately, it was sorted out amicably with my neighbour, but dealing with the energy supplier at the time was another matter...
Monday 8 August 2011 1.37pm
The number of your meter should appear somewhere on your bill.
Monday 8 August 2011 1.43pm
Boss St Bloke wrote:
The number of your meter should appear somewhere on your bill.

Yup - in my case it did, but it was not the one hooked up to my flat!
Monday 8 August 2011 10.17pm
I think in Millennium they may be in the ground floor lobby. Usually in a cupboard in the hall outside your flat - look for a cupboard with a keyhole - FB1 or FB2 key avaialable from any key cutters usually opens these. Your energy supplier should also have a record of where your meter is for the rare occasion they actually read them : )
Monday 8 August 2011 10.54pm
OK thanks! I'll go hunting in the morning... :).
Tuesday 9 August 2011 11.49am
The meter is in the car park under block 3, to the right of the bins. You will need a special key to have access though!
Tuesday 9 August 2011 7.39pm
Ahhh! Thanks Tristan, have you any idea what key will work? I've got a Chubb style key which is for my front door, and I'm guessing that'd not work there (or if it did, that'd be a little scary!).



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