Blackfriars Bridge Fatality

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Thursday 13 May 2004 12.51pm
i was walking over the bridge just after it happened and just saw the busted bike wheel a few yards in front and that was upsetting enough-the police were just arriving and having the good sense to shut the bridge .

the new lanes are quite dangerous-going south there is a cycle lane on the inside a bus lane and then a general lane on the outside but when you get to the other side of the bridge it is a free for all just a few yards from the lights-the other evening in front of us a bike decided he wanted to go right a taxi straight on and an evening standard van wanted to cross and go left and when the lanes fininshed the bike shot between the 2 and the van tried to get across to the left hand lane and the bike was wedged between the two. luckily no one was hurt in this case but how long untill someone else is killed?

Thursday 13 May 2004 12.51pm
Ants - yes, that was exactly it - northbound carriageway, about where the signs are positioned.

Harriet - as an occasional user of London buses, I've never really believed they run to any kind of timetable. I've always thought you just turn up, and within 10 minutes, one'll turn up. I've always thought the buses have value beyond the Tube - they're not as quick, but they're nearly always cheaper, they run through the night, and there's always one matter what street you're on.

But some drivers are cautious to the point that you may as well walk for how slowly they go, whereas some are nutters. Anyone standing doesn't stand a chance with them. It's probably frustration - if you sat in traffic most of the day you'd be inclined to whizz into every space you saw too...
Thursday 13 May 2004 12.56pm
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Thursday 13 May 2004 12.57pm
In my experience (as a scooterist), bus drivers are generally more aware of other road users than car drivers. On a typical journey of 13 miles across London, cars generally pull out/across and cut me up three or four times. Either they like bullying smaller traffic, or they're just not looking (or concentrating too hard on not spilling their coffee or dropping their mobile phone). On the same journey, it's very unusual for a bus to do this, and more oftern than not buses hold back for the second that you need to get out of their way safely when they want to pull out.

Oh, and bus drivers are the only people with the basic politeness to raise a hand in thanks when you stop to let them out.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Thursday 13 May 2004 1.11pm
I use the bus to and from work ever day, and I'm impressed. With so many other nutters on the road, I'm surprised that most bus drivers remain so calm.

quite often the buses cary more standing passengers than it says are allowed on the notices (the ones that say, 'this bus seats 56 with 20 standing' or whatever) - because it's rush hour and lots of people use the bus.

Mostly when I see a bus not stopping, it's because the driver has decided that the bus is full up, and he won't let anyone else on. Very commendable, considering the fact that normally there are so many people on the bus that he can't see the left wing mirror! (the one most usefull for not knocking cyclists off!)

I did get on a 53 once, and the driver said that if I wanted to get anywhere fast that I should get on the one behind, as he was way ahead of schedule and would be driving slowly. I did, and we overtook him a stop later (though I was still late for work).

I do think that bus drivers should be paid more, but I also think that tube drivers are paid too much.

Several times I've been on busses when the driver has stopped the engine because someone has done something that he didn't want them too. eg getting on the back door, not showing a ticket, standing in the way of his view of the mirror, etc.

all in all I think buses are great!
Thursday 13 May 2004 2.12pm
i do too. don't get me wrong. but there is a minority of drivers who take very unnecessary risks.
Thursday 13 May 2004 2.31pm
Not a defence of loony bus drivers, of which there are many, but:
most drivers seem unaware that in the highway code, it states that a bus pulling out from a bus stop has right of way over a vehicle coming up behind. The other vehicle should give way to the bus pulling out.
Thursday 13 May 2004 2.31pm
I was actually on a bus a few years ago when the driver was busted by the police for speeding.

I'd say the quality of driving has significantly deteriorated since London buses were privatised. Training drivers is a completely profit-free zone for bus companies, so why invest in it? It would also be interesting to know if the inspectors (who you see fewer of nowadays) are also employed by the companies - as revenue collection agents - or if they are independently employed by TfL and can check on the quality of the driving too...
Thursday 13 May 2004 2.59pm
All good points, but can I repeat that IMHO there are many more CAR (and van) drivers who act as if reckless driving is their God-given right.

Motes and logs.

...there's plenty more c**** in the cup.
Thursday 13 May 2004 3.00pm
Is anyone disputing that?

You can do significantly more damage in a bus though and you are also responsible for the safety of your passengers.
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