Coronet Cinema at Elephant

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Tuesday 24 April 2001 11.22pm
Interesting story in the South London Press about plans for a nightclub in the old cinema.

Does anyone know about this?

I think there was a meeting tonight - perhaps someone who was there could post some details in the forum.


Friday 27 April 2001 7.56pm
It would be nice to have a cinema rather than a nightclub as there are already a few clubs around the area including the Ministry of Sound. I read they tore down a grand old cinema (unfortunately) where the Coronet used to be or around there somewhere. The pictures of the inside of it were like an old theatre, very ornate. Bit of a shame.

Friday 27 April 2001 10.39pm
Yes, planning permission passed this week for a 1200+ person night club at that location... despite opposition from community groups, police, residents, Community Forum, what have you... Parking, noise, crime nightmare coming up. Legal advice being sought... anyone out there with suggestions how to proceed?

Rev Jim @ Crossway Church, New Kent Road.
Monday 7 May 2001 9.11am
Celeste, the cinema they tore down was beautiful, it was called the Trocadera, the architecture inside was lovely, Bill Haley and comets appeared there in the fifties, he was the start of Rock and Roll, I was too young to go! Itried to 'bunk' in and got a clout for my efforts from the doorman!
They also had a beautiful organ that rose from the area in the front of the screen, where was the council conservation dept then to allow such destruction?
let me see......a twelve hundred plus capacity night club? are the council mad? what time will this establishment open and close? how will they get there? by train? I would not be happy to walk along the Elephant Castle train concourse in the early hours of the morning...
The only good thing may possibly be that all the drug dealers will be centred in one area, and Guys Hospital had better re-open the Casualty because St Thomas's will never be able to cope with the influx of business that this club would bring!
My old mum would say that someone on the council got a backhander for letting it happen... and course she would be totally wrong, wouldn't she...
Friday 11 May 2001 8.27pm
Oh Jan...
You may say that... I couldn't possibly comment!
Thursday 17 May 2001 6.15pm
I've heard there's been at least one squat party at the cinema already! Personally I feel that any regeneration to the area must be welcome, and the cinema isn't exactly at it's most attractive at the moment. And what's so bad about another nightclub in the area? The Ministry has operated without incident for years.
Sunday 20 May 2001 6.09pm
I live opposite the Coronet, and I would welcome any change of use of the site from the current one, which seems to be a "speaker's corner" for evangelists shouting at passers-by through an amplifier every Saturday afternoon. I find this extremely annoying, especially when I'm trying to sleep off the effects of the previous night's clubbing!

However, since the whole area around the shopping centre is meant to be demolished and reconfigured over the next decade, I assume that the proposed nightclub would only be there for a few years, before being replaced with what looked on the artist's impression suspiciously like a multiscreen cinema...
Sunday 20 May 2001 8.44pm
Yes, the local people who oppossed the Planning permission can appeal against the planning decision. They may not succeed but at least the opening of any nightclub MUST be postponed ubtil the appeal is heard. Get in touch with your local councillors, now is the time to put pressure on your MP to support you, he wants your votes. MAKE HIM EARN THEM.
Get in touch with the Regeneration planning committee, it has tenant representative who live locally and may well give some support. I will try to find an contact for this committee and post it as soon as I can.

Saturday 26 January 2002 8.12pm
Looking at these messages with great interest - but they are all from April and May last year - does anyone have any news of how this has progressed?

HAve plans for a club gone ahead? Did it happen and I just missed it or are there still plans to keep it as a cinema?

Sunday 27 January 2002 10.35pm
apologies to all- just re-read what I wrote last year, Celeste the cinema opposite was called the Trocodera, the old cinema still standing was called the A.B.C, still have not heard anything about it though.

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