Parking near Tabard Gardens

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Sunday 23 May 2004 7.48pm
Hi all. I'm looking for some info on where best to park on or near Tabard Gardens. I live on Tabard Gardens estate and, not having my own car, don't know the best places to park nearby. I'm trying to sort out a visitors permit but it looks like this wont happen by the time my brother comes to visit because I'm having difficulty getting the TMC to bill me for the service charges, and until I'm up to date on them they wont process a permit application. My brother is going to be arriving on a friday night and going back on a sunday, so much of the time I believe he shouldn't actually need a permit to park on the estate, but I don't want him to get clamped outside these times. However, the street labels for what areas are covered by permit-holders only rules are far from clear. Does anyone know what areas/streets are ok to park on on the estate, or failing that know of parking spots nearby? I'm happy to pay for the parking if need be, I just don't know how to find it!

Many thanks in advance!

Sunday 23 May 2004 11.38pm
As far as I know, you shouldnt park on the estate car parks at any time of day or night without a Tabard permit. Clampers can come at any time. However there are many streets where you can park after 6.30 Frid and Sat, and all day Sun, with no charge. Should be clear from the signs. The rest of the time I guess your brother would have to pay.

You haven't given the story behind the service charge problem, it may be more your fault than the TMC's, but if it is the TMC's fault for not billing you, and arguably, even if its your fault, I would say that you cant be in arrears for a bill you haven't yet been sent, so why not stand your ground and try again for a Tabard visitor's permit?
Monday 24 May 2004 12.11am
Thanks for the reply. I shall take another look at the signs in the morning and see if they are clear, but my memory was that they were not at all. The confusion is over things such as whether the single yellow line areas are covered by permit holders parking rules (I was told by someone working for the council that the whole area, including single yellow lines, was for permit holders only), and if they are does that mean the sign saying that parking is not permitted 7:30am-7:30pm applies or is no longer accurate. If it does apply what areas does it apply to etc. etc. What I would have expected, had I not been told otherwise, is that the white-lined boxes were for permit holders only and the single yellow line areas followed the normal rules for single yellow line areas, viz. parking is restricted during the times shown...

The service charge thing probably is my fault as I haven't chased anyone since I moved in to find out why I hadn't been billed - I imagine they have been sending bills to the previous owner which naturally I would not have opened. No doubt I can sort this out as I'm happy to pay the service charge as soon as they bill me, but I doubt if this will leave time for me to apply for and get a permit before next weekend! Anyway, I'll do as you say and try to talk to them tomorrow morning and sort it out there and then if it can be done.

Monday 24 May 2004 9.41am
If your brother is arriving on a friday night and leaving on a sunday then a single yellow will probably be ok. Check the signs but that is certainly the case around the corner from Tabard where I live. It always seemed odd to me that they can clamp you on the estate all weekend but out in the street is safe. Still, that's the way it is.

"I knew I was cured"
Monday 24 May 2004 10.00am
Thanks for the info biro. Trouble is I keep getting conflicting answers about the single yellow lines around the estate. I talked to the chap at the TMC this morning and he seemed to think you needed a different kind of parking permit, from Southwark Council, in order to park there. He admitted he wasn't a driver though so wasn't aware of the normal rules regarding single yellows. I was told something similar by Southwark council when I phoned them previously, but I susspect I hadn't made myself completely clear to them and/or the person I spoke to wasn't interested. Certainly looking at the signs and markings there is nothing to indicate that the single yellow lines are subject to any rules other than the normal ones, which would mean we could park there safely for most of the weekend (the time vary depending on what street you are on, cunningly).

Gawd I hate cars.
Monday 24 May 2004 10.15am
I'm not keen on cars either Kimikins but I do have a copy of the highway code and the restrictions on parking dictated by yellow lines vary according only to signs or kerb markings and not to council officials or anyone else. Unless the police put up a temporary restriction (another sign) you can work it out quite easily. The signs will probably only be at the start and finish of the restricted area so you may need to walk the whole street to be sure but it's all in writing there somewhere.

Anyway, all my visitors come after 6:30 in the week or on the weekend and park on single yellow lines. The only trouble we've ever had was when we forgot and came down to find a clamp at 9am on a monday.

"I knew I was cured"
Monday 24 May 2004 10.20am
Biro is right about the signs, with one proviso - the sign relating to a particular marking is usually by the marking, but sometimes a whole zone can be 'signed' by general signs on the vehicle routes in to that zone.

Good luck and a clamp-free weekend.
Monday 24 May 2004 11.02am
Thanks again. Yes, I'm thinking that it should be possible to park on the single yellows outside the specified times - it's not like there is a shortage os spaces either. At least one of the yellow lined areas has a sign saying monday-friday 8am-6:30pm (or similar), which would suit us just fine. I believe other streets have different times labelled though, so I'll be careful to read the nearest sign...


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