Sad-looking Tower Bridge Road

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Tuesday 31 January 2012 7.41pm
Thanks very much for your report!
Tuesday 28 February 2012 12.23am
Here's a great example of the kind of small effort necessary to remake a street:
Tuesday 28 February 2012 8.51am
On that triangle how about permitting a few stalls that are protected from the elements..selling

Wake up Jan! Wake up!..sorry thought I was back in t.broad prior to the flyover...:-)

leasing a stall must be cheaper for business than a shop surely?
Tuesday 8 May 2012 4.58pm
Hi all

Apologies for not posting for a long time. You will have read elsewhere about the payday loan shop that I campaigned against on Tower Bridge Rd - which was refused by planning committee.

I am now working with the local businesses to see if we can get support for them to set up a business association to represent their interests and so they can work together to promote the street. I will let you know how we get on.

Friday 11 May 2012 5.17pm
I have been meaning to login in for a few days to say a big THANK YOU for ensuring that shop didnt get opened. Thanks Claire!
Friday 11 May 2012 10.41pm
Yes, thanks for your leadership on keeping that business off the street.
Saturday 12 May 2012 10.44pm
james127 wrote:
Yes, thanks for your leadership on keeping that business off the street.

With decisions like this the street is exactly where the problem will spread to.
I bet the local criminal loan sharks would like to thank Claire too.
Sunday 13 May 2012 1.49pm
spartacus wrote:
Cllr Hickson wrote:
I am worried that if existing shops close down, betting and payday loan shops will move in.
Cllr Claire Hickson
Labour Councillor, Chaucer Ward

Claire, as you know such 'shops' reflect the financial mood of the moment. Not far away, (I don't know if it's your patch as well) in the middle of the much trumpeted Bermondsey Spa 'regeneration' project, the first new shop to move into the ground floor of a new block of flats which replaced the original run down block is - a betting shop. Along the rest of Spa Road (albeit crummy for years) the small businesses lost include a hairdressers, a caff, a sandwich shop / hot food takeaway and a pub. The chippie and sweet shop/mini market look as though they may be on the way out, too.

Meanwhile, not far away there's a development in the railway arches further east, ,rumoured to be the new / extended home of some of the Maltby Street traders and spearheaded by Neals Yard. Interesting contrast of potential 'choices' for locals around there!

Understand what your saying but the betting shop in Spa Road was already there it just moved into the new block, the grocery store is followin soon as is the chip shop, both of which are expanding. A new cafe has opened up too, but some of the units further up still haven't been occupied two years on. By the way the hairdresser is still about, they moved into the old grocery store on Neckinger. The bakery has gone for good and the diy store was also lost years ago. Really not sure about the pub, I've heard it will be back ?
Monday 14 May 2012 9.49am
I hope, Cllr Hickson, you are liaising with your fellow councillors who cover the east side of TBR. As its a different ward (and I think politically different, too) there is a potential for a co-ordinated approach to fail.

Perhaps the cllrs could host a meeting for the businesses who are keen to see improvement (and several have indicated to me that they are) and work with any other parties to try and develop a strategy for improvement (TFL, BSAP etc.).
Tuesday 15 May 2012 12.18pm
Thanks all. The process of setting up a business association is now under way. Tower Tandoori in particular have put a lot of work into getting things going. We hope to get some funding for this and, Mark, in response to your question, I am happy to say all councillors for both sides of the road (and both parties!) signed a letter of support for the bid. I agree a good next step will be the first meeting of the business association. I will post when I have more news!
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