Two Way Traffic St George's Road

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Tuesday 24 January 2012 4.09pm

i agree for street like the OKR and TBR as discussed on another thread there is certainly scope to bring the streets back to life but St Georges road is mostly a park schools and homes-the plans to make it two way and incease and slow the traffic will have a detremental effect on local people and their health-i hope all SE1 has to offer isn't lung problems and polution!
Tuesday 24 January 2012 4.36pm
Sounds like a truly terrible idea...
Tuesday 24 January 2012 4.45pm
I don't understand why cars driving in two directions on two road will cause more air pollution than cars driving in one way on two.

The images show that St Georges and London Road are both very polluted, I would expect that to continue however this traffic is rearranged. If anything, reducing circulation around the one way system should reduce miles traveled.

And Jackie, well, not much I can work with there.

I'm going to give up talking about it until someone actually proposes to pay for it.
Tuesday 24 January 2012 5.07pm

the proposal is to slow the traffic down per earlier postings. My understanding is that cars going slowly in traffic or idling produce more polution. This is what the local people and schoolkids will be breathing in. There will also be more cars if there are the amount of cars that would be using 2 roads using one road so will be concentrated in a smaller srea

how helpful is it to london as a whole to create a bottleneck for traffic?
Tuesday 24 January 2012 6.28pm
Bottlenecks ultimately lead to some individuals -- those capable of cycling, taking public transport or walking -- giving up on driving. As a result, traffic congestion is eased and flows more smoothly again. The total number of cars goes down. Pollution decreases.
Tuesday 24 January 2012 7.47pm
Sadly the opposite appears to be true. The TFL figures have confirmed that pollution on many of the roads feeding the Congestion zone ring road is worse now than before congestion charging. There is less traffic than before thanks to the congestion zone but traffic is moving slower on some of these local main roads close to the ring road. It is this slowness that increases the concentration of pollutants. It really is in everyone's interest to speed up traffic where possible and safe.

Much of the traffic on these roads is business traffic and this is unlikely to get less, hopefully it may get greener with lower forms of pollution but as we live in the middle of a thriving metropolis it isn't going to be suburbia, whichever direction the traffic flows...
Wednesday 25 January 2012 10.10am
I am sorry that Jamesup feels the need to drop out of the conversation...SE1 discussions do not usually peter out with people withdrawing on the grounds that the discussion is theoretical because at this stage 'there is no proposal to pay for it'. We have discussed plenty of possible developments of all sorts before, some of which have come to pass. The tone of the discussion has been very civil and balanced and in my book it is best to raise awareness and to air the issues so that one is fore-warned should funding be found.
Wednesday 25 January 2012 11.47am
There is a worryingly simplistic trend in traffic planning to make one way roads two way. Each situation should surely be looked at carefully before a policy is rolled out... that's how we ended up with so many one way roads in the 70s and 80s which were inappropriate.

In the case of St George's Road and London Road, I'm more in favour of the situation now than of the suggested changes... though I do think there's room for improvement to make the roads healthier and safer for all users. But the arguments I've heard in support of changes are very shaky. In one consultation meeting both a Garden Row resident and rep from Southwark Living Streets tried to suggest to Southwark's Planner that St George's Road was barely residential - a really disappointing and outrageously ignorant claim?!

The key concerns as I see it for St George's Road residents and users is the increase in the volume of traffic not the speed of it. Traffic on the road is already slowed by three sets of carefully phased lights at junctions between the Elephant roundabout and the junction with Westminster Bridge Road. With improvements to the pavements this could become an even greener route - how about a southbound cycle path along the very wide pavements on the eastern side of this road so cyclists can avoid London Road's southbound route - I know one of our councillors already uses the pavement as if it were a cycle path already? The configuration of St George's Circus could also be changed to make better use of Lambeth Road so traffic that moves from the circus westward need not use the Garden Row loop - while residents on this stretch might well be disappointed, it is a rare stretch of road in SE1 where one side is entirely uninhabited because it's a tube depot.

The changes proposed by Southwark Council would surely increase the speed of the buses on London Road given the removal of all the private traffic? And yet supporters of the plans say London Road would become safer? This flaw in the argument underlines the poor thinking in this plan and the misinformation circulating - at a consultation last week the council were even casually sharing A1 maps of TfL's plans for tweaks to the Elephant and Castle roads without clarifying these were not part of the SPD and the opposite of their proposals! And a Southwark Council rep presenting the SPD at the Cathedrals and Chaucer Ward Community Council meeting the week before knew nothing of the proposals for traffic changes at St George's Road - another worrying (but familiar) moment of council ineptness about the consultation.
Friday 27 January 2012 7.59pm
As a resident of St George's Road, I can't see how this would make any sense. It's noisy enough as it is and there are way more residential streets off this road than London Road. At least one side of London Road is totally non-residential. Couldn't this be made fully two way traffic instead? It's in part doing that at the moment with the N/Bound bus lane?

If a resident of Garden Row is complaining that St George's Road is barely residential, I'd like him/her to substantiate that. I walk up and down Garden Row at least once a day and I've yet to see more than 4 cars ever stopped at the traffic lights at St George's Road.
Monday 12 March 2012 3.26pm
Latest from the council:

"Since the SPD was prepared, TfL have indicated that this proposal, while an aspiration, is no longer a priority. We are proposing to amend the SPD to indicate that this proposal would need to be explored further and that further consultation would need to take place if it were to be implemented."

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