Tabard Street police incident/'injury'

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Friday 2 March 2012 12.04am
There are currently about 10,11-15 police officers on Tabard Street blocking the road between the student residences and the gardens/park.

When asked why I couldn't pass to return to my flat I was told that 'someone got injured,' but this kind of police presence indicates some kind of MAJOR injury.

Very, very, very sad...

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Friday 2 March 2012 12.08am
Apparently there was a major fight prior to the arrival of the police...our youth deserve better.
Friday 2 March 2012 8.00am
or our youth should behave better...
Friday 2 March 2012 2.02pm
road still taped off mid-morning today
Friday 2 March 2012 2.06pm
We were informed by police at the scene last night that this was a suspected stabbing. Very sad if that is indeed the case and I hope the victim makes it.
Friday 2 March 2012 2.17pm
Has anyone heard anything since? I live round the corner but heard/knew nothing about it until I was walking to the gym this morning.

Can't seem to see anything online so hoping it's not too serious.
Friday 2 March 2012 2.25pm

I'll keen this thread open for the time being, but as arrests have been made please be very careful/circumspect about what you say.

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Friday 2 March 2012 6.55pm
Firstly i apologise to James127 for bringing a totally different subject to this thread BUT now a Question for James Hatts shortly after i started my thread "pervert flasher" about 10 days ago you closed it saying in reply to my pm "because of things that could be said on the matter"...Well i must say your reply to this threadabout comments/circumspect could have been added to my thread...After all it says the MEN in this thread is about MEN not YOUTHS and my thread was about YOUNG CHILDREN who cannot DEFEND themselves.The reason i put my thread on this site is because it is another way of helping/making people aware of this pervert,so i am very annoyed that my thread was closed,i know it can still be viewed but the further away page it goes to is making it less likely to be seen and people need to know about sicko..Again James127 i apologise to you...
Friday 2 March 2012 9.00pm
boroughpaul wrote:
or our youth should behave better...

Well said matey.
Friday 2 March 2012 9.39pm
Dear Real-Crimes,
Simply by stating that someone has committed an offence before they have been tried and convicted, and by describing them using a term such as 'pervert', is libel - a legal offence in itself. A defence lawyer might also successfully claim that the discussion of a particular incident/case in an open forum was prejudicial to their client's chances of a fair trial - enough to prevent that client from being tried. I don't want to speak for James Hatts, but I suspect this was why your discussion was closed down.
A general warning to forum readers about a man behaving suspiciously in a particular area is one thing, but your thread had the potential to put James Hatts and the SE1 forum in a difficult legal position. It wasn't to do with what was being discussed, only with how it was being discussed.
That said, I don't believe you had anything but the very best intentions in starting your thread.
Best wishes, McQueen
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