Difficult neighbours

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Tuesday 3 April 2012 1.06pm
Hello everybody.

Yesterday I was at my friend's flat in Tabbard Gardens area and around midnight a guy downstairs put on some really loud horrible music, like trance or rave.. I am not a fun of that stuff. It was really unpleasant and I suggested we could talk through and mediate a decrease of the volume. He told me he tried many times but no results, but having some nasty word thrown back.
Even called the noise team but it just stopped it for an hour or so, than it was back again.
Also he plays a sort of intermittent music so they may come when is off and than later on is bang on full volume.

What can you do if your neighbors are difficult and hard to deal with..

Has anybody got any experience with things like that?

Thank you.
Tuesday 3 April 2012 2.08pm
Here's an old post on a similar problem:


Calling the Council's Noise Team can be frustrating when as here, the nuisance has stopped by the time they arrive. However if the problem is ongoing there's a strong argument to carry on complaining.

Meanwhile loud music/noise at any time and especially at night, constitutes anti-social behaviour (ASB). Housing management has a duty to take action on ASB complaints, working with the Council's dedicated SASBU section in more serious cases.

Housing management handles ASB cases regardless of the tenure of the flat where the perpetrators live. They can be leaseholders or private tenants of a non-resident leaseholder, or Council tenants - it's all the same.

So you could contact your Resident Officer (RO). Based on past experience I suggest you contact the RO every time you suffer noise nuisance. That way the housing management wing of Southwark Council should be in no doubt you have a problem and need support.

Email is a good way to do this. Remember to save your messages. These can be valuable later as a 'contemporaneous record' of the problem.

The old post includes an e-address for Modupe Somoye. Modupe still covers Tabard estate and is Resident Services Manager (previously Housing Manager) in the North Management Area of the housing department. This has replaced the old Area Housing Office.

You may be able to find the name/contact details for your Resident Officer on your block's Tenants & Residents Association board. Failing that if you email Modupe either she or your RO should get back to you. The noticeboard will also have publicity about your TRA meeting. Once again Modupe will be able to advise on this.

Best wishes

Lionel Wright
Former Chair & Committee member, Tabard Gardens Central T&RA
Tuesday 3 April 2012 2.13pm
Yes, since Southwark's reduction of the working hours of the noise team, and cut in funding to Southwar's Antisocial Behaviour Unit, my case work load around neighbour to neighbour nuisance has increased significantly.
That said, there are ways to help:
Try Tabard's local councillor Tim McNally contact details here to let him know what's going on, and find out how he can help.
Tuesday 3 April 2012 2.24pm
If you do ring the noise team they will ring you within the hour to ask if it's still going on,if it isn't then just tell them and you will still get a letter off of them apologising that they couldn't sort it this time but any future probs etc etc,it's on record so that when you do eventually catch them previous calls will hold some weight.


I had a similar intermittent problem,so frustrating,I got to know the habits of my neighbours (music wise) and one day I rang the council complaining about the music that hadn't started yet,they turned up (still no music)I fibbed and said that it had just stopped,stood there chatting to the fella for a couple of minutes and bang! on it comes,it was a beautiful moment.
They went and had a word and it died down....for a while.

The OP will have a PM when I get around to it,there's more!!
Tuesday 3 April 2012 3.34pm
A friend of mine had a similar problem living on the Aylesbury years ago....he borrowed some speakers from a pub, apologised to his nice neighbours in advance, then at a time when his non working nuisances went to bed normally about 5/6am put on the 1812 overture on full blast and turned the speakers to the wall...peace reined!
Tuesday 3 April 2012 4.35pm
I have had 5 years of noise nuisance. Its resorted to me using my mobile phone to record the noise as my land lord does not have equipment to. I've had mediation, been verbally abused in the street and flooded. Feel free to contact me by PM if you would like some advise on how I've dealt with my situation.
Tuesday 3 April 2012 5.30pm
I guess the worst thing to face, is having to call the noise team in the middle of the night, while the only thing you wish for and desire or need is a good night sleep after a hard day at work..
It is not just the stress of waking up listening an horrendous music.

"Great!" (if we can say that) to know that it is a common problem probably not enough spoken..

What it is definitely great instead, is to see that this community is a real community, in terms of mutual help.
Tuesday 3 April 2012 6.08pm
This sounds like a policing issue - I suggest you try the 101 number or even 999 if you are actually receiving credible threats of violence.

In addition, you should also contact the neighbourhood policing team, probably afterwards, to see what they can do to prevent the problem in the long term.

The noise team, in my experience, are unhelpful at best and certainly not fit for purpose. Not all council's are like this - friends in Hammersmith have a much better experience.

When you've been woken up at 4am, the last thing you want is to wait another hour for the council to arrive and then rely on their often arbitrary judgement as to whether the noise if sufficient for them to perceive it as a 'nusience'. This paritcularly galls if the noise can be heard down the street.

Last time I called them (some time ago now), the person basically refused to leave my flat, was aggressive and decided he couldn't hear anything - despite the fact that it was 3am and the walls were shaking from the bass of the impromptu nightclub!
Tuesday 3 April 2012 7.43pm
i suffered with very loud music from the flat above me a few years ago. There was a couple that lived there and when the girl went to to work the unemployed b/friend would start with the loud rave music around 1000 mon-fri .

As i am a shift worker , tryin to sleep whilst on night shifts was a bit of a problem, i tried the "lets talk" style approach and had a word with the guy and he apologised and assured me it would not happen again , and for about a month things were fine. Then slowly the music started creeping back and got louder and louder , so this time i phoned the noise people who didnt have anyone to send round during the day but sent a letter to the "occupier" of the flat warning them.

about 3 days later i around 1700 when the g/friend got home from work ., heard her screaming at the guy about loud music and didnt want to get in torouble with the housing association etc

next day came home from work to see the "ex" boyfriend stood outside the communal enterance with his speakers , a rucksack and several bin liners of clothes ,,,never to be seen again :)))

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