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Wednesday 4 April 2012 10.11am
I got caught out this morning due to an aggravating change. In a hurry, as one often is, I did not notice when I went through the barrier, that there was a notice board in the entrance announcing no Jubilee line. I later saw it said there was a partial service from London Bridge to West Hampstead.

It was the train driver on the overground that announced no Jubilee from Canada Water. So I got off and went up to the ticket barrier.

It turns out that I was unable to get a refund, as new policy is to only open the ticket office from 7 till 10. It was 12 past 10...

The frustrating thing is that there was a member of staff there, who had been instructed by management that the office is to remain locked. So he was there, loitering, but not informing passengers of the connection problem. Had he done so I would not have gone through and I would not have been too late to take a bus. His suggestion was that I go to Canada Water where I could get a refund, and the time involved (never mind the cost of the return journey!!) I could not make it to my destination and returned home.

I've been given a leaflet which I'm told I can use to apply for a refund. There I read that I can apply for a refund if I experience a delay of more than 30 minutes. It says refunds do not apply to service changes advertised in advance. So I imagine that I am not entitled to a refund. This is of course maddening. It has been so fantastic to be using what was a well-staffed station. Looks like those days are over...

I use the office to buy train tickets with discounts that are tricky to get applied using an automatic machine, as well as to get timetable information.
Wednesday 4 April 2012 10.15am
You are entitled to a refund.

A "service change advertised in advance" is something like planned engineering works not something like (as I believe today was) a person under a train.
Wednesday 4 April 2012 10.39am
OK that's good to hear. But what a palaver.
Wednesday 4 April 2012 12.16pm
Eleanor.. It is indeed a palaver.. and what this country is so good at doing ( I can already hear someone somewhere saying.. ah yes, but if you were in .. such and such a country it would be a million times worse!). As usual, absolutely hopeless at thinking about what is fair and reasonable for the customer, the service user, the person who pays the bills. Quick enough to get a PR person into the spotlight out but hopeless at really resolving the problem.( and not just London Underground , TFL.. the same can be said for numerous other public and private companies. )
Wednesday 4 April 2012 12.41pm
Eleanor, I do understand your frustration with the ticket office closure and the consequent problems with getting a refund on your ticket. However, just to put things in perspective:
1. TFL posted a notice explaining the situation at the station entrance, but you didn't read it.
2. Someone died under a train this morning.
Wednesday 4 April 2012 2.26pm
I'd recommend the excellent free text alert service - makes these things a thing of the past.
Wednesday 4 April 2012 3.29pm
Hi Sandgrown Dave. I've read it says open 7-10 Mon-Fri,when passing just now. If there was more clarification at the time I was enquiring (which was from behind the barrier, so not in front of the office) then the member of staff kept it to himself. Do tell. I hope it's only a temporary measure.

I got reimbursed elsewhere, and so also am now aware that there was an accident which is of course tragic.

My main concern is that the station is cutting its staffing levels which would be a terrible shame. But hopefully I am worrying unnecessarily.

jamesup the free text alert service - does this tell you about every disruption all the time? Or can you opt for alerts concerning one line in particular? I'm often on my bike and don't take the tube all that often so not sure I'd want to be bombarded with texts every time there is a problem. Though does sound useful!
Wednesday 4 April 2012 3.33pm
You select two journeys a day for free, so even though I cycle, I get an alert if there's something wrong on my commute at the time I need to know to go the other way.
Thursday 5 April 2012 8.41am
Thanks jamesup. Have had a look on the tfl website and don't see the service as you describe. Would you might posting a link?
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