Working in Staines, so where to live? (and train costs)

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Saturday 22 September 2012 12.40pm
Hi there!
I'm moving to UK and starting a job from the half of October.
I wanted to live and work in London (nice places, climate and friendly, various people), but I got a job in Staines.
If I good know this is 30km from Staines train station to London Waterloo and it takes about 45 min.
Do you know how much it costs? monthly train ticker or sth.
Maybe is there another, cheaper option?
Actually... What do you recommend to me with where to live? London or Staines?
I'm an young person, so I'd like to see what London can offer to me with entertainment, etc,... But maybe it is more rational to live in Staines when I will be working there.
Thank you for your opinions.
Saturday 22 September 2012 2.17pm will tell you the cost of a season ticket.
Sunday 23 September 2012 1.38pm
I'm not convinced you'll want to live in Staines. There are good options between London and Staines, which will put you closer to London's attractions but will keep your commute shortish and make it less costly: Twickenham, Richmond, Kingston, Sunbury.
Sunday 23 September 2012 1.48pm
hey, thx for the answers.

@longlaner: what do you suggest with that areas? Richmond, ...?

monthly train ticket Staines<->London Waterloo costs 214 but there is an option London's transport monthly ticket (buses,metro) zones 1-6 (which normally costs about 200) + staines<->waterloo train ticket = 274.
Are these numbers correct?
maybe is there cheaper way?

It is good option if I need 1-6 zone london ticket, but I'm not sure it is a good for me.....

I found that that the trains from Staines to Richmond cost 140 per month so it is cheaper than 214 to Waterloo.
But if I good know Richmond is in zone 4? I guess that if I would like to see what London can offer me, young person then I have to buy 1-4 zone ticket?

something like travelcard zone 1-4 + richmond<->staines traines (instead of waterloo with 274 as I wrote above).
Do you know how much it costs and where to check it?
Monday 24 September 2012 11.57am
It's called Staines Upon Thames these days

ride da poonani!!
Monday 24 September 2012 12.30pm
Yep, i know it:)
Monday 24 September 2012 1.07pm
If you can afford it, you just have to live in London, and just from what you've said, I get the impression you want to. Do it! A 45 min train journey to work is nothing. Many people to much longer.
Monday 24 September 2012 1.17pm
beetroot: yes you're right but the problem isnt journey, but transport costs.
So I'm wondering about cheaper options with transport...
Monday 24 September 2012 1.31pm
I was just wondering how much money I spend while living in Staines and traveling sometimes to London.

For example: I found that trains costs:

1 ticket from Staines to Waterloo costs 7,5 pounds.
(See this).

So if I want to travel to London 3 times a week for instead, it will be cost me 15 pounds * 3 = 45 pounds per week.
Per month it's 180 pounds!

Add to this other transport costs, like the tube, buses. Assume 40 pounds per month.

Is is ~220 pounds per month.

Am I correct with the numbers? What do you think? Maybe London costs will be cheaper than I assumed?

Anyway, if I have to spend 220 pounds per month on transport costs when living in Staines, so I prefer live in London and pay 274 pounds per month (only 50 more) and have unlimited London's Underground, buses plus trains Waterloo<->Staines.

Am I right, right? ;-)

well... what do you suggest me with where to live in London? Is it possible to find a room to rent near London Waterloo for ~400 pounds per month ??

Monday 24 September 2012 2.08pm

While SE1 is a great place to live, as you say, the journey is long(ish) if your employer isn't close to the station, and the additional travel and accomodation costs formidable.

A lot of the people I knew who worked in Egham (one stop past Staines) lived in Twickenham/St Margarets, giving them a short journey to work each day, but a short journey to London. Richmond was popular for the more affluent. They're all nice suburbs, if you like that sort of thing.

I've been out of the rental market for a long time, but I'd be amazed if you could find anywhere in a good location in London for 400 a month. This is an expensive city.

Good luck with your search.
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