Southwark councillors clash over mixed communities in SE1

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Monday 3 December 2012 10.06pm

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Monday 3 December 2012 11.12pm
Same old, same old... A valid question (what are you doing for social housing in SE1?) gets batted on the side with a gimmicky comment from our beloved clr leader, then the discussion degenerates in a discussion on national politics and Clr Dolezal asks us to consider "the big picture" and forget that developments are built in the north while cash is spent in the south (which happen to be where the labour wards are, a coincidence?)...

I really like Clr Dolezal, honestly. What's not to like in a man that asks you not to notice the building work springing around where you live and the council's dwindling housing stock in Se1. A true believer!

I can't wait for him to approve the Linden development on Blackfriars Road. He just has to pay no attention to the small minded people who don't get to see the big picture and who do not live in a labour ward.
Monday 3 December 2012 11.56pm
this is priceless: 'Their national policy is to allow developers to bypass local government and have zero per cent affordable housing in new developments.' (claire hickson) this is very different from 'having 0% affordable housing' in, say, erm, 'one elephant'?

another comic relief moment is the suggestion, let's have an 'informed and honest debate with tenants and leaseholders.' we cannot possibly do this, it's 'commercially sensitive' and us plebs simply can never get it.
Tuesday 4 December 2012 6.30am
Informed debate? You mean like the democracy commission which lead to even less democracy with local planing decisions being now taken at the borough level by people who see the big picture (and whose voters don't live where the construction work is done).

I really like the point about national policies leading to developers bypassing local authorities?

Because this isn't already the case in Southwark? Frankly, developers can get away with pretty much what they want.

I really would like Clr Peter John to share his blue sky thinking about Blackfriars Road since it is not a secret.
Tuesday 4 December 2012 6.52pm
Southwark is becoming a borough of extremes, a posh suburban southern corner and a business and expensive housing focused riverbank with a poorer and more ethnic middle that can be fobbed off. I now regard E&C as northern Southwark.
Wednesday 5 December 2012 12.59pm
I agree with the LibDem Cllr. LBS has sold land along Pocock Street to private developers, and yet I have heard that it has 400m to spend on building new housing but finding it difficult to find sites. Perhaps this area is just too good for common folks!
Wednesday 5 December 2012 1.52pm
In defence of the council, I must say that a few years ago, the council and a private developer wanted to build two blocks on the site of the garages in Pocock Street. One of 7 storeys and one of 6 storeys. The 7 storey building was to be flats for sale, and the 6 storey social housing. St Georges mansions and the pub would have remained untouched. I believe the project was rejected on it being too "high density", though you shouldn't quote me on that.

I said at the time, that, that proposal was probably the best plan we could hope for as we dont know what the future may bring, but the world and his wife disagreed with me, and some were quite venomous.
I said that we could end up with a building equal in height to Manna Ash House. Now what's proposed?
Now the climate for developers has changed in their favour. I really get no satisfaction in saying, I told you so. I know that we desperately need social housing. I'm lucky enough to live in a council flat, but the council are where they are. They need money, and this is one way of getting it.
Also, to portray all developers as evil demons is just plain childish. Who was it that built London? It wasn't the council.

In anticipation of lots venom,

Bill Carroll

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