Simon Hughes 30 years celebrations

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Wednesday 30 January 2013 9.46am
Definitely time for him to go. All his good constituency work is being undone at a rate of knots thanks to his spineless craven behaviour in accepting everything the Tories force down the neck of the Lib Dems.
Wednesday 30 January 2013 10.15am
Before he goes he should apologise to all of his constituents, especially those who voted for him, for the betrayal of his priciples and signed pledges.

I am reminded of the old saws "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" and "if you lay down with dogs you get fleas"
Wednesday 30 January 2013 8.19pm
But will these sentiments, however valid and correct they are, will they turn into actual votes?
Thursday 31 January 2013 11.16am
We'll see. The Lib Dems did dreadfully badly in his constituency in the Mayoral and London Assembly elections last May. But I suspect Simon Hughes is far more popular locally than his party and a general election is a very different animal so it doesnt at all follow that he would do as badly. Personally I think it will end up being closer than recent General Elections have been here but I could be very wrong!
Thursday 31 January 2013 9.20pm
12 years ago Simon Hughes helped me with some problems I was having.
Admittedly I haven't had a reply from him since on the two or three times I've tried to contact him but he does work hard for the borough.
Thursday 31 January 2013 9.48pm
I thought his "outing" would have meant curtains for him given the wave of APPARENT homophobia (and his silence) during the original election,it didn't seem to make much difference which has to be a testament of his popularity in the borough.

I wouldn't bet against him winning the next one.
Friday 1 February 2013 12.25am
Saturday 2 February 2013 12.21pm
I don't think anyone was surprised or particularly cared about him being gay. A politician of his era couldn't come out and as he got older it must have got harder for him.
He's worked very hard for many years to help people round here and I wouldn't bet on him being turfed out just yet.
What faceless career politicians who never had a real job are the other parties going to try and put up against him anyway?
Tuesday 12 February 2013 2.02pm
Will never forgive him for 'Vote for the straight candidate'. Decent constituency MP but how an individual could ever be so shameless (and self loathing?) is beyond me.
Tuesday 12 February 2013 4.32pm
inexile wrote:
Will never forgive him for 'Vote for the straight candidate'.

The candidate he was running against has.
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