Soundproofing in residential Estates (Bermondsey / Rotherhithe ) pre 70's builds.

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Monday 28 January 2013 7.42pm
Has anyone else noticed how bad the soundproofing is in residential estates in Bermondsey / Rotherhithe? I am not talking about loud noise but issues like being able to hear neighbours / people talking in communal areas or even in their own properties.

I was wondering especially in housing association / council managed properties, how this has been managed? If people have made complaints to the council or relevant housing associations, what their responses have been?

Has anybody lowered ceilings? or done anything else to help with issues of soundproofing? If so what?

I was also wondering how in privately managed estates if the landlords have brought older properties up to soundproofing (part E) regulations?
Monday 28 January 2013 8.52pm
Many moons ago we lived in a very old block off long lane, and when they people above swept the floor you could even hear that, then as people had more money to spend on fitted carpets which were a luxury then the noise diminshed considerably.

My friend lived in a similar block a few years ago and laminate was taking off bigtime, and sitting in her flat when the people walked accross the floor was a nightmare, even talking by the tenants above seem magnified..

If ceilings were lowered, like some sort of baffle boards would it work if there was nothing in between the celing and boards only air?
Tuesday 29 January 2013 1.44pm
If you've got the ceiling space you can install suspended ceilings, with sound insulating foam in. We did it some years ago and it's wonderful. Because a lot of buildings in the area are conversions, which were done before the relatively recent change in part E of the building regulations (concerning noise transmission), the sound insulation level is poor.

I can't remember the name of the company we used, but they were in and out within the week. You must be sure to use a reputable company, as they use proper, fire-retardent materials, and make sure the beams etc are installed right. Not a cheap project (it cost us 2grand for 2 rooms), but if you happen to live under extremely inconsiderate neighbours who won't modify their behaviour, then it's definitely worth looking

Good luck, I know from personal experience how frustrating this can be. Oh, I'm not council, so I can't help with that aspect.
Tuesday 29 January 2013 2.56pm
I sympathise with you Bermondsey_111. I currently live in a Peabody Trust block in SE1 and the sound proofing is terrible. It is not helped by tenants not covering the floor boards. When I complained to the Trust, they were very unhelpful,informing me that it was not their policy to tell tenants to put down floor covering regardless of the poor people suffering below. We also suffer from traffic noise due to inadequate windows.Trials and tribulations of living in old building stock i'm afraid.
Tuesday 29 January 2013 4.54pm
I lived in Dobson House on the Elmington Estate and moved out when the area was redeveloped. I could have gone back to one of the new, award winning flats that replaced the tower blocks but chose not to. I've bumped in to about 4 people who did return and they all said they wished they hadn't due to the poor sound insulation, as they could hear a pin drip (and more) from the next door flats.

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