Another cyclist v Car on B.street

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Tuesday 19 February 2013 7.33pm
Very unfortunate incident of a courier cyclist abusing a white van to suddenly be faced with a black cab avoiding a pedestrian. Cyclist then abuses the life out of cabbie, cabbie under pressure then backs into another white van. Cabbie was a really nice guy, courier unfortunately a militant hothead. The signage is appalling the police couldn't believe there was actually a bike lane there. Time for an ugly painted bike lane ? or just narrow the street and make it completely one way ?
Tuesday 19 February 2013 8.07pm
only caught the last part of the argument so didnt see how it started but yes no one did themselves any favours - both cabbie and cyclist seemed intent on winding each other up (although the cyclist was definately intent on getting some kind of extreme reaction). was always going to end badly as neither party wanted to diffuse the situation.

think its great bikes can go both ways down the street - shame there are a few people out there who act like pricks (both cyclists and drivers). yes some better signage might be helpful - or everyone just getting on and not always assuming they are 100% in the right every time.
Tuesday 19 February 2013 11.38pm
The cycle lane markings round here are clearly designed by someone who knows many cyclists these days are arrogant pricks and wants them to die.

For the decent cyclists, of which there are a few, it's a nightmare.
For the drivers it's terrifying, and for pedestrians it's a death sentence.

Joined up road/pavement flow - proper design is what we need not these current totally insane "insert cycle path here" across what was a normal pavement for 3 meters and then watch people die.
Friday 1 March 2013 4.28pm
The cycle contraflow signage on Bermondsey St is terrible. Many times I've been nearly run off the road (usually along with a shouted "It's a one way street you -unprintable-") while cycling along there entirely legally.

The street needs a proper painted cycle lane (with clear direction arrows) & to get rid of most of the on-street parking - right now it just causes needless conflict:- drivers don't see the contraflow signs, don't expect to see bikes coming the other way, and react badly when they do. And there's nothing like being driven at to provoke a vitriolic response from cyclists.. after all from the cyclist p.o.v. someone is basically threatening you with a deadly weapon. "Move out of MY way or I'll put you in hospital", that's exactly how it feels.. hardly surprising people lose their tempers.

I didn't witness the incident concerned, but nearly getting run over by a van is enough to make most people lose the plot. Don't think cycle couriers get emergency-services style training as to how to cope with the adrenaline spike either.

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