Mace store - 107 Borough High Street. AVOID

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Sunday 29 September 2013 8.46am
I don't like leaving these sort of posts, but after what has just happened, its only fair to warn other residents. I have bought my Sunday paper from this place more or less every weekend for the past two years. On getting home just now, half of the sections were missing. I went back, and that should have been the end of it. However, the owner accused me of lying, didn't believe my story, and refused to provide the missing sections unless we watched his cctv - which we did. Even after proving I was right, he continued to call me a liar, and sent me out of the shop with the words "have a nice life". Why on earth would I lie..?! It's all the more disappointing as I have made a point of using them over a nearer shop for the past two years, and have always exchanged pleasantries - we even discussed his ongoing shop fit last week. First he accused me of having an accomplice (a lady apparently...), then he swore blind nobody else could have served me but him, even though the cctv proved that he was not alone in the shop, and I was indeed served by a colleague of his. So - a relatively trivial matter in the great scheme of things, but if honest and loyal customers are going to be accused of being thieves and liars - I suggest you avoid at all costs. One wonders why we support small businesses sometimes. Rant well and truly over - I am off to have a nice life.....
Sunday 29 September 2013 9.06am
Did he give you the missing sections once you'd viewed the CCTV?
Sunday 29 September 2013 9.23am
Gavin....thank you for your interest in what is essentially quite a dull story...! I am delighted to confirm that with much disdain, the missing sections were indeed given to me, but not until I had been forced to examine his delivery sheets showing that he had received equal numbers of each sections, therefore (allegedly) disproving my account....and just for completeness - no, I did not drop the missing parts on the way home (another theory launched at me during his tirade....)
Sunday 29 September 2013 2.37pm
Not got much business savvy has he, what a plonker.
Monday 30 September 2013 9.49am
I have difficulty to see how he can have approached your complaint in this manner; had you wished to have multiple copies of the sections, you would simply have slipped them in when you picked up the paper. It's all too common that sections are missing and as a newsagent, he must know this. I always check before leaving and if a section is missing, I place it at the bottom of the pile so that it's unlikely that anyone else will try to purchase it.

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