Bermondsey Street - coolest streets in London

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Wednesday 23 July 2014 11.23am
Did we know that Bermondsey Street is the UK's fifth coolest street?

Sorry if this is really old news. But as it's from that coolest of papers, the Telegraph, I thought it worth mentioning...
Wednesday 23 July 2014 2.51pm
I absolutely detest Bermondsey Street (aka "the village") these days for all the reasons that it is deemed "cool". It is an artificial/pretentious bubble which sadly bears no relation to the "real" Bermondsey. It's full of yuppies trying to outdo one another with no real community spirit there existing.
Wednesday 23 July 2014 2.55pm
I always rely on the Telegraph to keep me abreast of what's at the bleeding edge of cool.

I'm so relieved Bermondsey Street managed to squeeze onto their list of famously cool streets such as The Square in Winchester, Crackwell Street in Tenby, Stockbridge High Street in Hampshire, West Drive in Wentworth, Surrey, and Bath's Royal Crescent.

Coming soon! VICE's guide to Britain's best places for a spot of pheasant-shooting.
Wednesday 23 July 2014 3.03pm
Bitter there Gavin. Which Bermondsey days are you nostalgically referring to, the filth and slums of the shops and residences of the time before the 18th century, or perhaps the booming years of late Victorian and Edwardian warehouses replete with villains of all sorts, or perhaps the white working classes of the post war 20th century? This area has seen many changes and will see many more, I quite like this new "cool" period. I find it pretty friendly and safe, long may it last.
Wednesday 23 July 2014 5.47pm
The question was a bit long-winded, Jerry, so not quite sure of your objection to my point.

I'm all for change - "the area" [in its widest sense] has benefited immensely from it, you are quite right - but "the village" is not so much "cool" as sterile. All it needs is a gate at either end to keep the riff-raff out.
Wednesday 23 July 2014 11.35pm
Gavin Smith wrote:
. All it needs is a gate at either end to keep the riff-raff out.

If you start a petition, I'll be happy to sign it.
Thursday 24 July 2014 12.10am
You have a bit of an obsession with gates going back a number of years! I'll leave it in your hands. Perhaps you could change the name of the street though as it isn't representative in the slightest of Bermondsey.
Thursday 24 July 2014 7.59am
Gavin Smith wrote:
All it needs is a gate at either end to keep the riff-raff out.

Oh dear. Where have I read this before?
Thursday 26 February 2015 1.44pm
From the Telegraph to GQ on: "Why the Southerden Patisserie and Cafe [on Bermondsey Street] is the most fashionable bakery in Britain." Are bakeries fashionable now?
Thursday 26 February 2015 2.28pm
There's a massive typo in that headline (as per 99% of "lifestyle" articles in most newspapers).

It should read:

"Why [insert this week's name] has a great PR agency, which, in combination with our lazy "journalism", will almost certainly result in it being this week's coolest/hottest/[insert adjective of choice]est whatever"

...if you press it, they will come.
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