Unmarked police cars on Abbey St today

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Wednesday 3 September 2014 9.32pm
Nearly got run over around midday today crossing Abbey St at the pedestrian crossing by the shops on the green light for pedestrians when an unmarked police car came haring down the road from TBR end and only put the siren on when it was about 20 feet away from me at what was for them the red lights and me the green and I was in the middle of the road as I had no warning of their approach.

I can't move all that fast at the moment and thought I was going to die.
Why didn't they have the sirens on BEFORE they got to the crossing?

Then a whole load more unmarked cars with blue lights and sirens screamed past a few minutes later.
What is going on?

And WHY are the police such very bad drivers compared to the ambulance and especially the fire services who throw those huge trucks around in a very skilled way and never seem to run anyone over?
Thursday 4 September 2014 12.52pm
I think I can answer the question on driving skills. According to the Istitute of Advanced Motorist's instructor who coached my husband for his advanced driving test, the drivers of the patrol cars receive no more training than they did to pass their initial driving test. The Class A police drivers, however, (who don't drive the regular patrol cars) are the most highly trained drivers in the world. They're used for things other than regular 999 calls, such as highspeeed pursuit. No idea why / how the patrol car drivers are allowed on the road without have, at the very least, passed the advance driving test. Personally, I think it's a disgrace.
Friday 5 September 2014 10.21pm
Well that explains a lot.
Deeply scary.
The ambulances are reasonably sensible and the guys who drive the fire trucks are just plain amazing but the marked and unmarked police drivers are a danger to the public.
Saturday 6 September 2014 9.27am
I always believed that the Metropolitan Police trained their drivers to the highest standard and not just some of them.
My nephew is a paramedic and received his training with the LAS, part of that training was what they commonly refer to as "Blue light training" for the driving aspect of the job and it was quite comprehensive. It certainly was not turn the blue lights on and hope for the best.
He now lives in another part of the country where his blue light training appears to be rare but is much appreciated.
If such training can be done for paramedics why not for the ordinary plod?

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