Demolishing homes again..

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Tuesday 1 December 2015 4.51pm
Why do I have feeling of déjà vu when reading about Church of England selling off to developers and the statements made. ' appropriate options for rehousing, guarantees on rent and bedrooms, assistance for vulnerable and elderly' and the bit that really jumped out was 'right to move to a new home in the first phase of new development '. Any former Heygate tenants reading this will be rolling around laughing ..and disbelief...
Tuesday 1 December 2015 5.17pm
Jan the Church Commissioners sold out to the developers several years ago. It was a deceitful, dare I say treacherous, act on the CC's part who had secretly been to court to get a restrictive covenant removed which had been set in place by the LCC when it helped fund the building of the estate in the 1930's. The removal of the covenant made the sale of the estate possible and so it came into the hands of Graingers who have been busily selling off individual flats in excess of a third of a million pounds.
Their current proposals should not come as a suprise because they have seen what others have got away with especially in Southwark and we know that Lambeth compete with Southwark in kowtowing to developers.
It will be interesting to see which Lambeth councillors support the project and which employee or executive officer of the council deal with the matter.
Tuesday 1 December 2015 6.07pm
The subject of people homes being sold under them, tenants or not makes me fume and want to use very bad language . I am like a broken record constantly wishing that I could employ a team of legal eagles who could investigate when at the inception of social house ing was there any paragraph that said various properties could be sold off. Manor place baths, Grange rd baths come to mind and loads others.
Wednesday 2 December 2015 5.38am
and not to mention the extinction of keyworker flats and how Grainger has nearly doubled my rent in 10 years .....
Wednesday 2 December 2015 10.27am
The LCC were socially minded especially about social housing in the 1930s, just look around and you will see numerous red brick flats of the same design all built in the 1930s by the LCC. They could do it then but does Boris even think of it as the successor of those enlightened politicians ? No, all he goes on about is "affordable housing" another one of his dreadful oxymorons.

Part of the covenant, as a result of the LCC gifting the land and an annual sum, imposed on the Church Commissioners was that the Waterloo Estate flats were for local workers and at low rents, both wiped out by the CC getting the covenant revoked in court so that they could sell out to Graingers.
Wednesday 2 December 2015 3.48pm
The dishonesty of Church Commisioners going to Court to get a Covenant revoked so they could sell of homes that were meant solely for local people,low paid workers, much for Christian principles. Saw an article recently that revealed the Church's worth in cash etc. staggering, perhaps they have gone to Court secretly and revoked a lot more covenants!

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