Empty shops in Lower Marsh

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Thursday 31 March 2016 1.38pm
I've just been down there and the old second hand book shop appears to have new tenants. It's a coffee shop. Just what the area needs.
Friday 5 August 2016 9.10am
Radio Days is going to become a sushi restaurant


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Friday 17 February 2017 10.26am
SDV Jewellers will be closing on the tenth of March after 40 years on the street. If you have any repairs awaiting collection then make sure you do it now. The younger brother is trying to get premises at a much lesser rent from which he hopes to continue the business. Go shop at the discounted prices on offer.

The Toolbar Kitchenware is moving to the old card shop across the street, vacating their larger premises.

There are rumours of other long established businesses closing down in the summer which are yet to be confirmed.

So much for the highly dubious award of The Cut/Lower Marsh being the second best High Street in London.
Friday 17 February 2017 11.43am
Real shame about the Jewellers closing down, I used it quiet often. It certainly has changed over the last few years.
Friday 17 February 2017 6.25pm
So sorry to read this.
Will pop in and find out where SDV plans to go.
Monday 20 February 2017 1.43pm
I was in SDV jewellers on Friday 17th. They're definitely closing as mentioned before but apparently between Greggs and Boots a hotel has been proposed. Plans apparently have been submitted - not that another hotel is needed in the Waterloo area!

All of this may explain why the shops in that part have become so run down.
Wednesday 22 February 2017 6.19pm
The clock and watch repairers is to go now too - by 10 March. What a major loss of a community asset following so many others as neighbours have noted.

From talking to the current leaseholders I had understood that rather or perhaps in addition to flats, a new hotel was to go up where that range of shops now stands. Just what we need - another hotel!
Sunday 12 March 2017 10.19am
SDV has now closed its doors for the last time.
Now we frequent customers of a much used and trusted business must find somebody else to replace batteries in our watches, repair our clocks and repair our jewellery, and all to be done as promptly and at reasonable prices as we have enjoyed with SDV.
Can anyone point us in the direction of a similar service, please?

Whilst on the subject of shops closing on the Lower Mars I have been told that Trussons, the men's' outfitters, and Radio Days are going to close in the very near future. Trussons has traded on the street for 151 years as a family owned and run business, I understand that it is the oldest such business in Lambeth.
Under the watchful eyes of Waterloo Quarter, we have seen the market deteriorate to resemble a middle eastern bazaar concentrating on street food for office workers for just two hours a day with more than the fair share of coffee shops and cafes all backed up by the giant ' Pret' on the corner of Waterloo Road/Baylis Road.
Perhaps Waterloo Quarter believe the nonsense that was printed in the Daily Telegraph that The Cut/ Lower Marsh is the second best high street in London. It did not mention the two oldest and singular businesses quoted above but did give much publicity, too much, to a store I had never noticed a travel agent and bookshop and Greensmiths. Greensmith said he hoped those walking between Tescos and Sainsburys would notice his shop window with hot soup and thus be attracted to use his store. . No mention of the supermarket that is on the street, the Co-oP but non- existent shops get a mention as does the apparent loss of an independent chemist. That joke of a survey must have been the result of networking surely, it cannot have been anything else, could it?

Shops I have used for more years than I care to remember are going down the drain others are going under and all because of Lambeth abrogating its responsibility to the continuation of the market under its control and giving private enterprise control. And Waterloo Quarter. the less said the better.
Sunday 12 March 2017 12.14pm
Went in to SDV to say how sorry I was to see the business go, and to say "Thank you" for the service I have enjoyed.
They explained that the closure was as a result of rent hikes making the business unsustainable. Well done Lambeth Council for scuppering decent businesses much valued by the local community.
Lower Marsh used to have a thriving market. We know the rest of the sorry story.
Sunday 12 March 2017 2.21pm
The rent hikes are a contributory factor but are only one, - their landlord owns at least thirty other properties on the street and he does like an increase. The threatened small business rates are another factor but the real killer is the lack of customers. They need the footfall they used to have but which has been lost since Lambeth prosecuted a hands-off attitude and gave a profit seeking organisation control of the market which has turned the street into a foreign food carry-away bazaar The lunchtime customers don't spend on anything else and the locals have very little of interest there now. Add to all this is the damage done to central London markets by the congestion charge and it becomes obvious that politicians local, GLA and nationally do not have joined up thinking and do not consult the people often enough. They practice the deceit of 'Consultations' and then carry out already decided policies irrespective of the local community's point of view.
But the final nail in the coffin has been the landlord's decision to knock down the parade of shops between Boots and Greggs and build a hotel which the forward-looking Lambeth will no doubt support.
As I understand it every shop from Boots to Greggs will have to vacate their premises by the end of the year. So we may see pop-up shops selling coffee and takeaway food as each business vacates, after all we do need them.
The policy of Waterloo Quarter to make Waterloo a 'Destination' seems to mean South Bank being South Bank and the area around the feeding station.
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