Housing Association rent charges

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Monday 29 February 2016 9.12pm
How comes housing associations can charge whatever they wish, I thought they were there to help people with lower rents that cant afford private renting...

A friend in North London pays 90pw,
Two other friends in South London pay over 320pw, (what a jump)

So these housing associations dont have a set rent and can charge whatever they like as well.

I myself dont know much about housing associations as we are council but maybe some one can enlighten me on this?
Monday 29 February 2016 9.31pm
You kind of hit the nail on the head- they can charge what they like - there is a fair rent cap - but as long as they can prove it is less than 'commercial' rent they seem to get away with it
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.11am
320 per week in a Housing Assoc - bit steep aint it - is this correct ?
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.18am
Are you sure your friend paying 320 isn't on a normal commercial contract? I rented with Peabody for a few years and paid 1100 ~ 1300 for a 1 bed flat, but it was full market rent. I didn't have any of the same rights as the other tenants in the block. I believe it was a way for them to earn hard cash.
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.33am

320 for a two bedroom sounds "affordable" for wide parts of SE1 (given private sector rents are probably 400+). Your friend paying 90 is likely on social rent, which is rarely offered outside of Council Housing. Social Rent requires you to register for Social Housing, while Affordable Rent properties can be rented directly via the Housing Association / Government Website and have relatively loose criteria (hence apply to a wide range of households).
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.40am
Years ago council owned property used to rise with rate of inflation plus 1% , don't know if that applies now. Housing associations used to charge what they liked. Peabody thirty years ago would not house anyone earning over 12,000. Wonder what rates apply now?
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.46am
Both of my sisters rented from the same housing association. One had a 3 bed house with garden, the other a 2 bed flat. Within a street of each other and the 2 bed flat paid almost 70 more in rent.

My rent has increased so much in the last few years, no improvements made, if anything has got worse. If you look Southwark's bidding website rents for HA properties (market value!!) are almost double that of council ones.
Tuesday 1 March 2016 9.54am
Pops at school we were given lessons on how to work out our budgets for every day living...we were told to allow One Seventh of our income for rent! My full rent is almost Seven thousand p.a. According to thos figure I would need 49,000 in my hand p.a.!

Wish my old teacher in economics was still around!
Tuesday 1 March 2016 10.22am
One seventh! I believe the equivalent figure now is one third.
Tuesday 1 March 2016 10.38am
A third Zoe... Miss Brock would have a fit!
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