Rudest Reception ever- Princess St Practice

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Friday 2 September 2016 10.35pm
I have had cause to visit Princess St Doctors Practice - twice in just over a week. Because the reception messed up the first appointment- a routine visit to the nurse.

I have had rudeness on occasion from reception - where I have been patient( but rarely go) for 20 years. I have to say I have been flummoxed by the needless out of no where rudeness and aggression I have experienced.

First time - very curt receptionist told me to sit out side room 8- I waited best part of half an hour - then went back to say - no ones come out- the original receptionist was barking at another poor patient. I explained the situ to her colleague ( perfectly nice) She said that I had not been logged in by the other receptionist - and I had been told to sit outside the wrong room - then the original receptionist raged in saying she had said room 18 - she didn't but the fact is I was up there anyway ( big hex-angle wait room) and no one came out to shout me. When I pointed this out I was called a liar. The nice one re- booked me in for the next week. Later I got a voicemail from the nice one - saying she had made a mistake and had booked me in when there is no nurse. Honest mistake - I rang her back - got the rude one - before i could finish a sentence -' no one would have rang you from reception so I cant help you because I don't know who it is'! When I described the nice one she bellowed across 'did you phone Miss etc... she then begrudgingly booked me another appointment for today.

So I arrived promptly today- reception unusually empty of patients- I stood at the waiting point, Two receptionist were stood laughing and joking - one sat at the central computer screen who looked at me - I said good afternoon- how you? She looked through me and did not respond. I walked the few steps to reception and she said I am just loggin in- to which I said - no problem. Out of no where in a aggressive tone. Just letting you know - you can't stand there - you have to stand there ( 2/3 steps away) until I say you can come to the desk. When I said - I greeted you and you ignored me and there are no other patients here so I am not crowding anyone- she bawled - I would not have done that - I said you just did - then she launched into it all again - to which I said must be really awful for you that a patient approached reception - she logged me in and gave me a room to sit outside. When I got to see the nurse- I have to admit I was furious and told her my experience - she had her own opinion ( I am not going to say here) about the reception staff but it was not good.

Forgot to say - last week I asked the name of the practice manager and both the nice and horrid receptionist said they did not know it. The nurse today told me the name.

I have put a report on NHS Choices re this and quelle surprise!!!- many simpler experiences at
Princess St.
I am not saying all the receptionists are rude, a couple are very helpful but a lot of them are unfathomably rude and aggressive.
Friday 2 September 2016 11.21pm
I too am a patient at PSGP, and know exactly who you are taking about: the most senior (as in eldest) member of the team.

A true harridan, she has been rude to me in the past, I have witnessed her being rude to other patients, and I have also seen her treat her junior colleagues very harshly.
Friday 2 September 2016 11.25pm
yes!!! on this occasion it was she and other- two different ones- but I guess it spreads -actually want to move to a different practice but expect that will be a palaver.
Saturday 3 September 2016 12.33am
The Hurley Clinic on Kennington Lane is not far - I've never had such a bad experience from them. Almost always polite and professional.
Saturday 3 September 2016 11.49am
That's terrible, I hate people like that, she sounds full of urine and self esteem...or as Mum would say..Full of Piss and Importance! She seems to be a bully too. Let's hope she retires soon or perhaps she's the doctors partner!
Saturday 3 September 2016 5.25pm
Thanks all - yes I will try to move- but think they are merging with Kennington Lane! Piss and Importance
Saturday 3 September 2016 8.33pm
How an earth do these rude reception staff keep these jobs. more people are needed to complain, the problem is people dont. so nothing gets done.
Sunday 4 September 2016 1.00am
you are right Lady writer- beggars belief
Sunday 4 September 2016 11.06am
I think PSGP should wear name badges myself, I have also experienced rudeness from the receptionist. When I told Dr Doherty, she got the practice manager to call me about it.

Catherine Arden is the Practice Manager
Sunday 4 September 2016 11.52am
Thanks Pops-agreed.
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