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Wednesday 9 June 2004 9.49pm

I have got a rat infestation amongst some business rubbish on un-adopted private land next to me and no one seems to be interested!

I was foolish enough to think that Southwark Council had some control over such things, but apparently not!

There must be something that I can do?


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Thursday 10 June 2004 9.32am
.22 rifle and a sniper sight?

Friday 11 June 2004 10.57am

If it is a threat to public health, they are able to take action.

Think about those stories you read about the council clearing crazy people's private houses where all the rubbish has built up.

Don't take no for an answer. They will say anything for an easy life...

Monday 14 June 2004 8.13pm
Air rifles are perfectly legal and pretty cheap and would dispatch of a rat quite efficiently. I grew up in the country and they were used for said purpose on a regular basis.

I would however check with the police about the legality of letting off pellets in an urban environment. I would be very interested to know as if they approve I shall be off to the Anchor Bankside to dispatch of those bloody pigeons!
Tuesday 15 June 2004 11.29am
You can buy glue traps for rats and mice...works like giant flypaper...we had a terrible mice problem, I did try the traps, but found the sight of them being stuck very upsetting, and then had the problem of how to dispatch them ....first tried dropping them into a bucket of water after getting drunk enough to ignore the bubbles... then gave up and bought electronic pest repellant for seventy pounds.....it worked....
Tuesday 15 June 2004 11.48am
Airgun is ideal for shooting rats, provided they stay still for long enough. See this link for more specific details regarding their use.

A good old-fashioned trap is what you need - one that breaks the animal in two when it is caught. Messy, but very humane.

Tuesday 15 June 2004 12.40pm
I had a terrible problem trying to bait a mouse trap... I'd have me 'and off!.your are right Mapmaker about the humane aspect though.
Tuesday 15 June 2004 1.20pm
interesting link about firearms - thanks.

Having read it I presume that the youngster I saw the other day was breaking several laws. He was about 16, and on a bicycle, with a friend - cycling on the pavement opposite OKR tesco. What looked like a pistol, fell from his pocket onto the ground - it made a very plastic hollow sound as it hit the ground which made me think it was a replica. he quickly picked it up and put it into his side pocket of his hooded top, and the two of them sped off. As he passed me, he put his hand into said pocket, and raised it towards me, as if to threaten me, as I was the only person around, and rode off.

should probably have informed the local constabulary, but don't know were the nearest one is, and am sure that they wouldn't have done anything about it anyway.

it seems like shooting rats is probably illegal in these circumstances (though I'd love to have a go!)
Wednesday 16 June 2004 11.22am
Definitely breaking the law. Doubtless Harriet will be along in a moment with an extract from the legislation, but waving a:

firearm (which includes air pistols); or
an imitation firearm

in a public place in a threatening manner is very naughty.
Wednesday 16 June 2004 1.24pm

hmmm, do hoody-wearing youngsters acting in a threatening manner fall into the category of "prey suitable for control using an air rifle"?

I must check mapmaker's helpful link again...

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