Mail Interception

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Saturday 22 April 2017 8.04am
Had the same some years ago - via Mandela way/RM- stealing Utility Bills on a regular basis to have ID enough to open accounts/ccs and a catalogue account. ( think it's harder now to do that) Yes reported to police at time- as said above- they were aware ( and still are) of criminality through the Royal Mail in SE1 but not that interested in it. Banks/ CC fraud departments were more interested- the catalogue was a night mare to sort out and still on going as on a regular basis the catalogue company still get in touch with me re the debt the fraudsters ran up and keep putting it on my credit file- it gets sorted and then every few years they are on to me again and re default me.

Also had a theft through the sorting Office last year- reported to Police- not interested- however after a up hill struggle- RM had to compensate me for the item.

Had a another nightmare at Mandela Way yesterday- which I will post later but not so relevant to this thread.
Saturday 22 April 2017 3.57pm
And to think that in America interfering with the US Mail is a federal offence that is actively investigated by the USPS and results in offenders ending up in places like this:

Saturday 22 April 2017 4.16pm
that looks like the back of Mandela Way! Joking obvs
Tuesday 25 April 2017 1.59pm
Just to add, this happened to me too, in 2015, on Mill Street. The mailboxes were located outside at that time (now thankfully moved into the courtyard).

A total of four things: 1 credit card (which I hadn't been expecting) was intercepted and used months later. Bank called me immediately though.

Another card from my other bank (which I also hadn't ordered) was taken and immediately used in a spree around SE London, over three days! They went to Travelexes withdrawing Euros as I guess they could get more that way. The bank dropped the ball by not contacting me, but did refund me.

In later months I got a charge from the DVLA for not paying for my new Driver's Licence (apparently they just need your name, address and DOB!) Also when I went to renew my EHIC card I was told that I'd already done it some months prior!

So a long-existing scam, and no amount of online security can keep you safe from someone physically taking your mail!

I then used the Royal Mail pick up service for a year so it couldn't get taken. I do not recommend this though - they were appalling in a number of ways - usually they couldn't find any (after queuing for 15 mins), often mail would just get lost, and in one case was given to me three months late!

Monday 25 September 2017 10.08am
Hi, yes 9 people in my building have been impacted that I am aware of including me. They take statements phone up and order cards and take them from the mail. I urge everyone to put all banking online and to not get any paper sent to their home address plus any cards ask your bank to send on recorded delivery. Personally I am confident that the mail was taken before it got to my address...... It is really important that if it happens to you that you report it to Royal Mail and the police. They may not appear to care but the more reports they get the harder it is to ignore.
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