KFC to replace the Roxy

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Monday 23 October 2017 12.38pm
Oh Jeez, you got to be kidding - another chicken shop.
Tuesday 24 October 2017 5.09pm
What utterly depressing news.
Monday 27 November 2017 11.31pm
Anyone know when it's due to open?
Tuesday 28 November 2017 8.01am
Doesn't every real high street have a fast food establishment? What is so depressing about it?
Tuesday 28 November 2017 8.22am
'A' fast food establishment is one thing, but BHS now sports about a half dozen of them. If you start including Prets, Startbucks and the rest then that number at least doubles. All the while, the interesting and useful places, like Borough Jewellers and other independents, are slowly driven out.
Tuesday 28 November 2017 9.01am
It is perhaps semantics, but to me "proper" fast food is your McDonald's , KFC, Burger King, etc. It's the sort of thing you indulge in after a bit of retail therapy or when you want a milkshake. It's a world apart from the place where you buy your lunch when at work, albeit both could loosely be termed fast food. In fact, for greedy guts like me, the choice of a proper fast food establishment sometimes determines where you go shopping in the first place! I wonder whether a KFC might bring increased footfall for small independents - who, you are right, BB, we should be encouraging and keeping.

But Borough High Street's problems don't stem from the likes of KFC moving there. It stems from a wholesale change over the last generation or so. There was a proper high street of sorts - a baker, butcher, shoe shop, pubs, a proper newsagent, and everything else - but exorbitant rents, property prices and a shift in consumer habits have driven them out. The only people then able to afford such properties are estate agents, Pret and the like and, of course, the supermarkets. What you end up with a soulless - and pretty useless - street of shops that nobody uses other than as a last resort (e.g. sandwich for lunch whilst at work and Pret/Sainsbury/whatever being on the doorstep.

Bit of a ramble, but I just don't see it as depressing. I'm actually looking forward to having an Oreo Krushem!
Tuesday 28 November 2017 9.12am
I guess what some people really want is yet another restaurant that the locals couldn't afford and would never ever go to. The area is crying out for more of them....

My fingers are crying out to be licked.

PS: Spot on Gavin.
Tuesday 28 November 2017 9.18am
You put it far more succinctly than I ever could, boroughonian. I'll see you at the opening!
Tuesday 28 November 2017 10.38am
London Bridge is somewhat lacking in the 'proper' fast food department since McDonald's closed at Guy's Hospital.

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Tuesday 28 November 2017 11.13am
I am surprised they haven't found a new spot for McDonald's in the area.

Guessing they'll open one in the concourse?
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